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Comedienne Erica Watson Mistreated On United Airlines Flight


Comedienne Erica Watson Mistreated On United Airlines Flight

Superstars_Erica_WatsonOur good friend, comedienne Erica Watson recently posted on her Facebook page her recent encounter with a passenger on her flight to LA. The humiliation she experienced for some is not new and we wanted to share so everyone knows they are not alone and we all hurt the same.

Erica was traveling to Los Angeles to tape a guest part on the TV One sitcom, Love That Girl.  This is the same show that two years ago used a photo of Watson’s body as part of a fat joke on an episode without her consent. They felt bad about the situation and turned a bad situation into an opportunity for Erica.

While on the flight, Erica posted words uttered by another traveler  and her response on her Facebook page:

“I didn’t pay to sit next to a big fat animal on a 6 hour flight.” — asian woman sitting next to me on United flight to LAX.”

Erica went onto share her feelings with her friends and fans.

“I MUST lose weight. The way people treat me on airlines…passengers and employees….is so rude and hurtful. Im tired of it, said Watson. ” On my way to LA right now and the woman sitting next to me just went nuts about having to sit next to me. Now I’m in tears and people are looking at me like I’m a criminal. I’m not flying anymore until I lose weight. It’s not worth the humiliation.”

If you’ve been following Erica you know that she had already started losing weight by making lifestyle changes but this latest event has fueled her even more. It’s unfortunate that she went through this and she is a beautiful and a great part in the plus community regardless of what size she is.

“The biggest so-called health issue that most overweight people seem to suffer from most of the time is a broken heart,” Erica wrote. “My tears are temporary. I’ll be in good spirits soon.”

Erica we’re thinking of you and want you to know we love you and support you!

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