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Gabriella Rossetti Launches High-End Collection for Sizes 12-22


Gabriella Rossetti Launches High-End Collection for Sizes 12-22

When’s the last time a garment made you swoon?

I admit I was so impressed by the presentation of the new Gabriella Rossetti  collection.  You gotta love a company whose name references the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  My love of all things Italian, especially well crafted clothing, is a wonderful homage to the lush, sensual paintings filled with voluptuous women.  The collection and presentation mirrors the artwork’s passion.


I am a self-proclaimed StyleBoomer and have started going for less and less trend in my wardrobe and more timeless and elegant classics that prove my much quoted adage – “Your clothes are talking, what are they saying about you?”  This collection is understated elegance personified with power wardrobe pieces that add instant bespoke grace and are so evergreen that you will reap years of ROI (return on investment) and look amazing every time you step out the door.  It is no accident that they named my favorite piece, The Catherine Coat.  Talk about drooling!  I was dumbfounded at the fabrication and styling of this must-have layering piece.   My order will be delivered by the fall if placed before August 8th I understand.  The kickstarter concept in this case is one that enables your purchase of the garment to actually be a pledge to fund the line.


The question that everyone must answer everyday, no matter who they are or where they live is “What am I going to wear?”  It’s a lifelong quest and query and one that can be a delight or a dilemma.   Gabriella Rossetti answers this question with a gorgeous, just-launched collection of attainable luxury clothing for sizes 12-22.   The line comprises beautifully cut classic pieces with fashion-forward details, made of superb quality fabrics, with an overall look that is refined, sexy and glamorous. Think “luxe”.  Tropical wools with a hint of stretch.  Silk blend satins and ring-combed cotton.  Pieces you’ll enjoy today and love even more tomorrow.  Where are all these great clothes?  Check out Gabriella Rossetti and have your desires met with these wardrobe building, longevity delivering, well-crafted pieces designed exclusively for shapelier women of substance.   The collection is now available for order through the Gabriella Rossetti site or until August 7 on Gabriella Rossetti—Kickstarter.  It’s a novel concept to crowd sourcing….talk about putting your dollars directly into funding a line that will find a permanent place in your heart and closet.  Anyway, who said elegance doesn’t require a little effort?


Are you a fan of Gabriella Rossetti’s High-End Collection?

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