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Men vs. Women: Who Does the Household Chores?

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Men vs. Women: Who Does the Household Chores?


Men vs. Women: Who Does the Household Chores?

Men  & Women couldn’t be more different. Some of the largest differences between the two sexes have to do with Stress Management, Human Relationships, Emotions and Language.  Men have a tendency to activate their “fight or flight” mechanisms in high stress environments, while women use the “tend or befriend” technique.  When dealing with others women usually communicate better while men tend to be less talkative.  The human relationship principle applies to the way men and women handle their emotions and the type of language the speak in.  One thing they do have in common is their ability to do household chores…..or so they think.

According to a recent study that examined how the opposite sexes cleaned their houses, both feel that they contribute more or just as much as their counterparts. Before seeing these results, I would like to add that it is my belief that women do way more housework than their men  (at least that’s how it is in my house), but let’s see the results.

When it comes to chores, 69 percent of women say they do most of the housework. Yet, 53 percent of men disagree, saying the to-do list is equally shared. People who believe they do all or most of the work in their homes admit they argue with their spouses about it often. One-in-five Americans admit they argue about housework on a monthly basis.

The survey also revealed that two thirds of the people questioned still live in the stone ages and feel that women are better suited for home chores and should carry that load alone.  A point that was raised was although women are taking financial stress off men by joining the work force, they are putting other stresses on them.

So what has this study taught us?

  • Couples who share chores are happier, 97% to be exact.
  • Men don’t mind women working, as long as they can still do their chores.
  • No one likes to do household chores, especially cleaning the bathroom.
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