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5 Meals You Can Create Using Nothing More Than A Food Processor

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5 Meals You Can Create Using Nothing More Than A Food Processor

If you’re a busy mom like me, you’re going to find it difficult to get dinner on the table without having to rely on takeout. My friends used to call me the “Take-Out Queen” because I had well over 50 menus from restaurants all across town. If you wanted Chinese, I had the menu for that. And if you wanted some Italian then I knew a great place and the phone number was never far away.

Things changed when I became a little more conscious about the things I was giving my kids. I kept hearing about all of the fat and additives that were in take-out and how they were contributing to childhood obesity and other future health problems. I realized convenience associated with takeout was harming both me and my kids. So I decided to start cooking from scratch and I started using my food processor on a regular basis. It’s really amazing the number of dishes you can make in it and oftentimes you don’t have to use any other appliances. Here are some recipes that I bring out whenever I have to get the kids fed in under an hour.

Fresh soup

I usually make soup when I’m really in a rush and I can’t think of anything else to cook. I always try to make this at least once a week because I know that there’s always one day where things are going to be absolutely crazy. You can make a delicious and tasty soup by throwing in fresh ingredients like butternut squash, tomatoes, chicken broth, and herbs. A lot of the best food processors also warm as they grind, which means that the soup will be heated up by the time the grinding is done. I usually serve this with freshly cut baguette slices or dinner rolls.

Pasta sauce

So this one is a little bit of a cheat because you need to use another appliance in order to make it. While the pasta sauce itself can be made in the food processor, the pasta has to be boiled in a pot. I love making fresh pasta sauce because I can control the ingredients that go into them. I generally use the freshest tomatoes, terrific herbs like basil and rosemary, and seasonal vegetables like mushrooms and olives. The great thing about using a food processor is that the ingredients will be mixed evenly and they can be thrown straight onto the hot pasta.

Fresh salsa

While I don’t consider salsa to be a full meal, it makes a great and convenient snack when I’m in a hurry. If I were to chop all of the salsa ingredients by hand it would probably take me a full 45 minutes. By throwing everything into a food processor I can have a fresh salsa in less than 5 minutes. While the base of the salsa is generally tomatoes, herbs, and vinegar, you can add a lot of other ingredients to suit your tastes.

Potato Salad

Not a lot of people know that food processors actually make really terrific potato salads. You can throw in all of the ingredients you need and the processor will chop, dice, and mix them evenly. The only ingredient that might need to be pre-cut and cooked are the potatoes, and you only have to halve them so that the processor can cut them evenly. Other than that, the celery and mayonnaise and pepper and vinegar can be thrown in whole and you’ll come up with a delicious potato salad. It might not be the prettiest salad you’ve ever made, but you’ll hardly care if you’re in a hurry.


This popular Mediterranean dish is now making its way to North America and both me and my family love it. I usually pack this for lunch for my kids because it’s something light that won’t make them feel sluggish throughout the day and I can make it all in a food processor. You just need chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, and tahini and all you have to do is grind it in a processor and serve. It also holds up really well in the fridge and it can last you for up to a week.


About The Author: If you like my suggestions and want to know more about specific recipes, take a look at the site for wonderful recommendations all involving food processors. I’ve used a processor to make a lot of quick and tasty dishes and I hope that you will be able to too. Just know that living a busy life doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the health and nutrition of your family.

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