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Diva Of The Week: Teri Hofford


Diva Of The Week: Teri Hofford


Diva Of The Week: Teri Hofford

What makes you a Diva?

I own my style and play by my own rules. I learned a few years ago that you will never make everyone happy, so just make yourself happy and never settle for anything less. I believe in affirming the positives, so dressing FOR your body…I tend to accent my chest, long legs, and my mass of curly hair! Being a thrift store junky, I have a continuous cycle of clothes going in and out of my closet, so I love to try new patterns, textures, and vintage clothes definitely inspire me!

Who are your plus size style inspirations?

Ashley Graham most definitely!! She is gorgeous and if I ever get a chance to photograph her that would be AH-Mazing! But also, I saw this girl once who was a curvier lady and man, did she ever rock her style. She had this sweet haircut that was buzzed on one side, she had an awesome ear cuff, AND she was wearing a ’50s style dress with Mary Jane shoes. I was like “I hope I can rock my own style like she did.”

How would you define your style?

The best word to describe my style would be vintage. I love thrift stores and most of my clothes are second hand. I like to recreate pieces and take vintage fabrics to create pieces that suit my style. I love floral, denim, and anything feminine like dresses and skirts!! Most people who know me, know that I hate pants….in fact I refer to them as leg prisons 😛


Who is your favorite plus size designer?

Myself, haha! But other than that, right now I am loving the line by Ashley Nell Tipton…she uses fabulous cuts (love the colors and the collars!) and prints. She knows how to accentuate a larger body and a lot of those styles are the kind that I either look for at second hand stores or attempt to recreate with items!


What is your favorite item in your closet?

Oh goodness….this is a tough one, I have so many clothes that I like for different reasons. But probably my favorite items would be my denim maxi skirt from H&M, my denim shirt found at a thrift store, and my polka dot blouse (also thrifted) which accentuates the chest nicely haha!


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