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Developing Healthy Eating Habits That You Can Live With


Developing Healthy Eating Habits That You Can Live With


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As an adult I have always struggled with maintaining my weight. My key problem? LACK OF CONSISTENCY in my diet and workouts. I hate to use the word diet because really what is necessary is a lifestyle change. You see I have been every size between 7 -24 and as a grown woman I know from experience the toll that my weight gain and even sudden weight loss has had on my body. My body stores fat in the breasts, arms and stomach first.  Most of it goes right to my gut so one thing I noticed when I originally began losing weight was that my right ankle stopped hurting every morning and it was easier for me to walk faster & longer on my treadmill. After sometime, my backaches and knee pains went away too, almost simultaneously. As I worked out more and more, I became more focused on eating healthy, which for me did not go hand in hand that easily at first. Honestly the workouts alone were working BUT my body craved less junk. Overtime I would lose weight, then gain, then lose again which was NOT healthy. I know now that my mind was not fully committed. Sometimes the weight loss for me would feel sudden, as soon as I started working out regularly and eating right, it would come right off but soon after I would go back to my caramel frappes, cheesecakes and cheesesteaks and other delicious favorites. Hey, I love to eat and I don’t see anything wrong with that! But I do need the right balance and this time I want to lose weight, tone my body and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. My goal now? Developing Healthy Habits I can live with.

So before I do this I had to break it down for myself because this time I want to stick to it!

What is a Habit?

Habits are behaviors done on a regular basis, often unconscious patterns that are acquired through frequent repetition. Our habits help to define our thoughts feelings or ‘usual’ behavior, the more they are repeated the ‘better’ at them we become. (Merriam-Webster’s online Dictionary)

Did You Know?

It takes 21-28 days to develop a habit whether good or bad. Even though there is light debate with scientists on the actual time frame, one thing we do know is that consistency and persistence is key to feeling and seeing results! I have been working out off and on for last month especially since I recently gained 10 lbs but for these next 21-28 days (I started on 5/27/13) I will be doing just that, working on developing a healthy eating/workout lifestyle that I can live with. That means I am not going to restrict anything from my diet that I don’t want to, at least not yet. I know from experience that does NOT work for me but instead I will work to increase healthier foods like fruits and vegetables and drink more water and eat smaller portions since I love to eat.

Everyone has their own way of getting fit and what works for them. For me, I know that I have to develop a healthy habit I can live with, a combination of daily workouts and good food choices/healthy portions. My goal is not be an unrealistic size for my height but I do want to lose weight, build muscle and be more active. One way of doing that is to incorporate daily am workouts since sometimes I feel too tired for the evening workouts, small steps for me. My goal is to thrive!

What are some of your health/fitness goals? What works for you?

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