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Plus Size Women Bring Curvy Confidence To Birmingham, Alabama


Plus Size Women Bring Curvy Confidence To Birmingham, Alabama

Plus size actress and comedienne Erica Watson interviews plus industry leaders and/or supporters in a column that she calls the Quick 5 with Erica Watson.


KaPricia W. Miller

When many people talk about the “plus size movement” they tend to focus on major events that happen in NYC or LA. But the movement is happening everywhere! One of the most fabulous full figured organizations to make their larger than life presence known is ThiChics LLC in Birmingham, Alabama.

Founded by KaPricia W. Miller in 2008, this fab group is all about empowering women to be “Sassy, Klassy & Enormously Cultured”. Check out the interview with KaPricia below, and make sure you support their “Color Me Badd: Full Figure Fashion Gala in the Park” on June 2, 2013 in Birmingham. The ladies are guaranteed to out on a fabulous show!

1. What inspired you to start ThiChics LLC, and how can someone become a member?

I was inspired to create ThiChics because there’s an overwhelming amount of women and young girls who suffer from low self-esteem either by society or family/friends. I wanted to make a difference by using myself as an advocate in showing them that despite their size or any flaw you’re born with, to be a Beautiful You!

2. When you first started the organization, how did people in Birmingham respond to it?

When I started this in Bham many thought we were a SSC and we didn’t get much attention, until we started doing pamper photo shoots, speaking to other people and doing interviews that shed a lot of light on this movement.  So now we have not only women but a lot of men who support us as well.

3. Please tell me about some of the projects and events that you have done in the past, and what’s next for you in 2013?

We’ve been interviewed twice by Hip Hop Live radio with DJNazty and VonD, we’ve been featured in an online magazine with G-Entertainment and many more positive support. 2013 we have a Meet n Greet coming up to continue introducing ThiChics LLC, marathons, motivational retreats and more inspirational moves to embrace one another with promoting a Healthier way of living.

4. Why do you think it is so hard for plus size women to feel good about their bodies, and embrace themselves?

I feel its hard because of society. Society make us ‘full figure” women feel less attractive because of our size. Beauty comes in many forms of life and its my job to continue encouraging my diverse group of sisters to stay motivated and stand for beauty and acceptance.

5. Doritos or Cheetos?

I’ll take Cheetos please and thanks 🙂

For More Information Visit ThiChics LLC on Facebook



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