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Surviving Wedding Season Involves More Than Hanging At The ‘Open Bar’

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Surviving Wedding Season Involves More Than Hanging At The ‘Open Bar’

Featured Blogger: Stefanie Long of Just Trim The Ends


Wedding Season Survival Tips

Dancing, laughing and taking too many pictures marks this time of year and the happiness that surrounds weddings. We all love the free food, free booze and hopefully we don’t not get stuck at a table where you don’t know anyone. For those of you who have weddings to attend this year, I have a few tips to share on ways to make it through, while not straining your time, money and fashion.

Coupons: Most couples are registered at either Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or Crate & Barrel. Utilize their gift card options or get on their mailing lists for coupons. Sometimes, these companies offer a discount just for buying something off a registry. Either way, shop around, search the internet and ask store employees for any hidden discounts. I am sure you are attending more than one wedding this season and coupons will help you keep the costs down.

Dress and accessories: Respect the couples wishes when it comes to your attire. If the wedding is formal, wear a gown – if not, find a classic cocktail dress. Instead of splurging on one dress for one wedding, find something that can be worked in different ways so you can use it again for another occasion. Different jewelry, shoes, bag, or a new hairstyle can change a dress and make it look like a new fantastic outfit.

Open Bar: Two of the best words in our world. I love to indulge just like the next person but it’s important that you know your limits.  Maintain yourself while having a good time with limits.

Destination Weddings: If you are fortunate enough to go, turn the trip into a mini vacation. There are a number of places that provide cost effective packages and they include air fare. Try something new and experience the local attractions while there too. Stretch your limits and wings; you won’t regret it.

Remember to have fun: This is the most important aspect to keep in mind. Whether you are surrounded by extended family, friends or new potential friends, make the most of the event, smile and enjoy.

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