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Tips For A Relationship Makeover


Tips For A Relationship Makeover

Tips For A Relationship Makeover

Tips For A Relationship Makeover

Even the most love-filled relationships are bound to go stale after awhile. It can be hard to keep things interesting, find new things to talk about and most of all, stay out of a routine. But while finding yourself in a rut is completely normal, it’s how you react that will make you stand apart. It might be time to consider a relationship make over if you feel like it has downshifted into boring, comfortable or banal territory. Use some of these tips to give your relationship a jumpstart and you’ll find that even the smallest change can reinvigorate your sense of self, your sex life and your relationship satisfaction.

Try New Hobbies Together

Get closer, have fun and learn something about each other by trying new hobbies together. It’s easy to spend time together by hitting up the usual movie or errands, so push yourself to spend together in a creative way. Find something new that interests both of you and set out to do it, whether that be a cooking class, mountain biking, pottery or wine and design. Learning something new creates an automatic bond and will give you both something new to talk about and something to look forward to.

Surprise Each Other

You show you care by taking out the trash, by telling your partner that you love them and cuddling at night, but what about the little things you used to do? Remember how you used to surprise each other with little gifts and dates when you first started dating? A relationship is never too old for that.. Bring back the surprises by randomly picking up your partner’s favorite coffee, planning a fancy dinner, taking them on an all expense paid weekend getaway or by cleaning the house when they are too busy/stressed to do so. Little things are romantic and show that you care and appreciate them. It will make you both feel closer as a couple and will even make your partner want to return the favor.

Break the Sexual Routine

By now, you know what your partner likes and they know what you like–it’s the same simple 8 minute sheet wrestling routine every three days. Boring? You betcha. Stave off routine by bringing in new elements. Try changing the time or day that you get busy. Incorporate a few toys from Adam & Eve, surprise your partner in the shower or while you’re in the car. Do whatever you have to do to avoid the routine you’ve clearly already mastered.


Sure, you talk everyday. You know how each other are, you know how the kid are doing and you know what their feelings are on the current state of affairs, but do you know how they feel about your relationship? The time spent communicating emotions and relationship feelings seems to dwindle as the relationship goes on. You don’t need to talk about it every day, but it might be time to check in if it’s been awhile. Sit your partner down and ask them if they are happy and where they would like to see improvements. It’s likely you’ve both been harboring some feelings on how things are progressing. Work together to figure out ways to work on your issues. You’ll find that talking about it may seem daunting at first, but you’ll ultimately improve your relationship and feel a lot closer to your partner.

Get Healthy

It’s easy to let yourself go in relationship. You get comfortable and before you know it, years have passed and you’ve both passed through a few pant sizes. Make a pact that you’ll both get healthy again. Team up and change the way you eat by cooking together and taking on new recipes. Then change your approach working out. If you both hate the gym, find activities that can get the two of you moving that you also enjoy. Making this big of a life change can be hard on your own, but doing it together can help you stick to the program, as well as learn new things about each other and grow together. You’ll also reap all of the health benefits of becoming healthy as well as boost your confidence, which will undoubtedly boost your sex life. You have nothing to lose!

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