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Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones


Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones

We love featuring our readers and that’s exactly what our ‘Diva of the Day’ segment allows us to do.  First up is Sales Associate Tawanna Jones.  We spoke with Tawanna about plus size fashion, inspiration and being a Diva!

Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones

Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones

What makes a woman a Diva?

A Diva is someone who carries themselves in a respectable manner.  Someone who not only looks the part but can walk, talk, and be the part.

Who are your style inspirations?

My plus style inspirations are styles of like what Jennifer Hudson may wear or Monique.  Their styles are kind of sexy yet not slutty.


How would you describe your fashion?

My fashion style is simple, sexy, and sweet.  I like to look a little sexy but not so far as to look like a garden tool, if you get my drift :-).  I love for my clothes to hug my curves but not choke them (giggles).


Who is your favorite plus size designer?

I really don’t have a “favorite” plus designer but I do like Monif C. I’ve seen a couple of her things online and I have loved them.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

My favorite item in my closet maybe my shoes. . . all of them (laughs).  I love heels!! & to be completely honest I only own about 6 or 7 pair but I love all of them.


If you want to be a ‘Diva of the Day’ visit This Link for details.

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