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Movie Etiquette: Taking Your Kids To The Movies


Movie Etiquette: Taking Your Kids To The Movies

Two Kids at a Scary 3-D MovieFacebook is a great place to find conversation topics and today’s topic is Kids and Movies. A Facebook friend recently went to see the new Tyler Perry movie “Temptation”, and was quite disturbed at the fact that people had toddlers and infants in the movie theater. This is also a pet peeve of mine.

It could be that my family has never done it even when I was a child, it could be that I think it’s inappropriate, or it could be that I think it’s just plain rude. For whatever reason I have a strong distaste for seeing young children in adult movies.

Once, while having this discussion with a group of friends one of them said “What if they couldn’t get a sitter?” My answer was, “Since when was going to the movies a necessity?” Going to the movies is a luxury. I have a child and I have only gone to the movies once to see an adult rated movie since she was born. I do not see it as a loss. That’s what Blockbuster and Netflix is for.

It’s funny how as a society we are quick to blame celebrities for being poor influences on our children yet we do not hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. When the movie “Precious” came out, I was absolutely floored at the individuals that had small children in the theater. The content of that movie was difficult for my adult mind to handle let alone a 3 year old.

As adults and protectors of our children when are we going to put our own selfish needs aside and look out for their well being? Other than not finding a sitter, what other reasons could you possibly have to say it’s ok to take a child to a movie with adult content? We are so quick to throw a fuss about music lyrics and videos and video games but what about our own actions?

There are kids movies out. It may not be what YOU want to see, but if you have to take your child to the movies with you why not take them to something they could enjoy?

When you take a child to an adult movie they either talk or cry and they normally don’t understand what’s going on.

And what about the other movie goers? They paid for their tickets as well. If movie goers did what they had to do to enjoy a night out (including finding a sitter), it’s not fair that they may miss a joke or part of the storyline because your child is asking questions, running up and down the stairs, or crying.

I hope one day we stop putting our own needs ahead of others and start putting our kids and fellow citizens’ needs ahead of our own.

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