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10 Tips for Upping Your Career Ante in 2013

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10 Tips for Upping Your Career Ante in 2013

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It’s time to retool, rejuvenate, and reinvent your career by upping the ante with ten essential elements. We’re adding ten skills and ten capabilities that extend your effectiveness and keep you at the top of your game in 2013.

Up the Ante 10+10+10

Essential Element #1: Vision and Values

Skill: Communication | Capability: Reinvention Readiness

Becoming the CEO of your career requires that you develop a long-term strategy that takes you forward at least three years. This means envisioning the future and possibly realigning your personal and professional goals and values. Developing a career roadmap provides you with navigation points that you review quarterly and adjust as needed along the road to fulfilling your vision. Reinvention readiness prepares you to think on your feet, keep yourself limber, adaptable, and pivot friendly.

Essential Element #2: Entrepreneurship

Skill: Intuition| Capability: Managing Inflection Points

Whole brain thinkers use the analytical, creative, and emotional parts of their brains. Ongoing studies support the growing notion that the mathematically gifted are better at relaying and integrating information between the cerebral hemispheres-these individuals are capable of leveraging both of their brains.

Apply whole brain thinking to entrepreneurial capabilities and you increase disciplined creativity and the potential for solving complex challenges. Business today requires that we use everything at our disposal and not box ourselves in by assigning a right brain or left brain function to challenges we face.

Essential Element #3: Navigation

Skill: Observation | Capability: Connecting the Dots

Peripheral vision means to extend your view beyond what is right in front of you, seeing the less obvious, or what is sometimes referred to as “seeing around corners”. Navigating in the new world of business requires that you develop keen observation skills that combined with stronger intuitive muscles helps you to see in new ways and connect the dots that others might miss.

Essential Element #4: Responsible Risktaking

Skill: Decision-Making | Capability: Managing Ambiguity

Designing accountability into your decision-making process ensures that you and your team are asking the right questions about the upstream and downstream impact of your decisions. Product innovations designed with transparency in mind incorporate end-to-end responsibility from the get-go; from who / where the product is manufactured to the labor and working conditions associated with how products are made, to the environmental impact from design to end of life.

Companies who take into account the end-to-end impact on the families who use their products will positively differentiate themselves in the marketplace with consumers and workforce talent. Increasingly, professionals will seek out employers and partners who align with their values and who “walk their talk”.

Essential Element #5: Disruption & Discontinuity

Skill: Change Catalyst | Capability: Ability to Mobilize Change

Self-disruption is the new change management. It’s about disrupting before you must and ending before you’re forced to. Becoming a catalyst for change is both a skill and a mindset. In the new world of business you own the disruption of your career, while also contributing to disruptive innovation within the organization. The complacency that often comes from maintaining the status quo because “it’s the way we’ve always done it” is old world of business thinking.

Essential Element #6: Experimental & Exploration

Skill: Curiosity | Capability: Analyzing Big Data

Isn’t curiosity something we’re born with and not necessarily a skill? Yes and no. We’re curious beings by nature-just watch children at play-but somewhere along the way we often lose our sense of curiosity, experimentation and adventure. Businesses desperately need curious people with the ability to analyze data-Big Data. Intuitive data management leverages curiosity and creativity in finding the “big story in the data”.

Essential Element #7: Innovation & Invention

Skill: Adaptive | Capability: Tapping the Power of Ecosystems

Think of innovation as a global currency that can be spent anywhere. Your career options increase exponentially if you’re a collaborator who helps drive innovation within teams. The more adaptive you are innovating with cross-functional, global teams the more your innovation capital grows; without it you’ll have less influence and less negotiating power.

Essential Element #8: Training & Transition

Skill: Listening | Capability: Life Long Learning

How much listening do you actually do today? Are you so rushed that you have your response prepared before the other person has even finished their thought? In today’s fast-paced work environments we risk missing valuable information and making less sound decisions when we listen in “sound bites”. Honing your intuitive listening skills to hear what someone is saying and what they are not saying, but maybe need to be saying, allows you to listen between the lines and to ask deeper, more clarifying questions.

Essential Element #9: Networking & Collaboration

Skill: Storytelling | Capability: Building a Web of Influence

Solving complex challenges requires collaboration. Storytelling and the effective use of humor builds fast rapport and trust with others, skills that will serve you well as you grow your influence through team collaborations. Tapping your web of influence extends the reach of your decision-making power, allowing you to step up and assume leadership roles with greater visibility and accountability knowing that your human net(work) is there to support you.

Essential Element #10: Execution

Skill: Measurements & Metrics | Capability: Getting the Job Done

Getting the job done will increase in importance in 2013 as companies are expecting to tie compensation dollars focused on key roles, functions and high performers. According to the article Pay 2013: Making a Little Go a Long Way (hat tip: Joanne Sammer), companies are planning to target increases toward those key employees who have a significant impact on company performance. The survey found that 65% of companies expect to differentiate pay levels among various employee populations. Only half of companies reported this approach in a similar 2011 survey.

Make this year a great one by adding 10+10+10 to your career mix!


Dee McCrorey is the author of the book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (2011, Wiley). Reinvention strategist, innovation catalyst, consultant and trainer with Fortune 500 companies. Founder of School of Innovation, a one-stop membership site for professionals and small teams managing career transitions, personal reinventions, and organizational disruption. Visit us at


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