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7 Perfectly Bold Trends


7 Perfectly Bold Trends



Going Boldly

“I wanna rock right now!” Rob Base got it right. First quarter is almost over. And it’s time to get down. The winds of change are blowing. You feel it. I know I do. I finally found a new apartment, moved and managed multiple priorities (or better yet, they managed me.) Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Those powerful contrary winds are there to help you go boldly into the direction of your dreams to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Runway to Everyday

I’ve had my “Devil Wears Prada” moments. Now finally settling in, I found myself with stacks of fashion books: Vogue, W and Marie Claire still in the plastic wrapper. Being a student of high fashion, I spent the last two weeks catching up on what I missed on the fashion week runways and in the stores.

I love reviewing the new collections and finding trends. I got educated and inspired by the editorials, then looked forward to the joy of sharing it with you. Find more Runway to Everyday inspiration on

7 Bold Trends for Spring

The world of plus size fashion is making an important transition: bringing the runway to the everyday woman with curves. Since the majority of you who took my personal style quiz came out on the high side of “Fierce,” here are seven perfectly bold trends for you….to Rock Right NOW!

  1. Spring’s Furry Cover
  2. Ornamental Tops
  3. Graphic Cuts
  4. Big Poppy
  5. Mixed Media
  6. Slouchy Pants
  7. Spring Leather

Join me at every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of April as I share a BOLD trend with you!

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