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Get In Shape Curves: Three Things Plus Size Women Should Do Before Working Out


Get In Shape Curves: Three Things Plus Size Women Should Do Before Working Out

Get In Shape Curves: Three Things Plus Size Women Should Do Before Working Out

Get In Shape Curves: Three Things Plus Size Women Should Do Before Working Out

Since February 1st I’ve embarked on a path towards incorporating physical fitness into my everyday routine. I’m still trying to find my workout rhythm but thanks to working out at Planet Fitness, dancing my recent water aerobics exploration, I must say it feels pretty good to get in shape.

Whenever you make the decision to get in shape there are certain things you much do to make sure you stay motivated and to be successful.

Find a Fitness Center Home:

For me, this was the most important step. Before joining Planet Fitness I contemplated joining several fitness centers but after a few visits I decided to join PF. The centers suggested by friends and family members had all of the bells and whistles (pools, more fitness machines and dedicated fitness classes). But as a newbie, I really wanted to focus on working out and although it’s nice to go to a state of the art facility, I didn’t want to pay for things that I wasn’t going to use. To my surprise, I wasn’t alone in the newbie department at the gym. Since joining I’ve met so many approachable women who are more than willing to answer any questions that I have. I love a friendly environment because it removes the pressure of working out and makes it an enjoyable experience.

Once I get a fitness rhythm going, I may become a member of fitness center with more to offer but right now circuit training, treadmills and an elliptical trainer are perfect for me.

Fit Your Workout Into Your Schedule:

Between work, family life and previous commitments, I always had an excuse not to workout. If I wanted to be successful I had to fit my workouts into my day and the best way for me to do that involved planning ahead and being realistic with myself. In the beginning I set 30 minutes aside (usually on Sunday) to plan my week and input my schedule into my computer and/or my phone. Adding my workouts to my schedule is great way to keep me on track so I don’t have any over lapping obligations resulting in me rescheduling my workout.

Get Your Workout Apparel Together:

I’ve never been really serious about working out so I don’t have exercise apparel just lounging around in my closet. Sweats are no longer apart of my everyday wardrobe so I didn’t have any of those either. I even had to invest in a great pair of gym shoes. Luckily, online stores like Female For Life, Always For Me and Hydro Chic offer a great selection of fitness apparel for plus size women. Recently, I wore this two piece to a water aerobics class and not only did it feel great on, it was comfortable and I wasn’t self conscious at all.

If time is an issue for you and you need workout apparel as early as yesterday I suggest you take a shopping trip to your local Lane Bryant or The Avenue. They have some great options as well.

There you have it! 3 things you must do before making the decision to workout. You don’t have to complete them in any particular order but following these 3 steps will most definitely get your mind right before you get your curves fit!

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Image Credit: Lola Getts Active

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