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Plus Size Firsts: My Visit To Re/Dress NYC & Why It Needs To Reopen


Plus Size Firsts: My Visit To Re/Dress NYC & Why It Needs To Reopen


I remember the first time that I set foot inside of Re/Dress NYC. It was April 2009 and I was visiting New York (for the 1st time) for the Curvy All Star Weekend hosted by Chenese Lewis. During that particular time I was trying to find my place in the plus size community and all of it was relatively new to me. I was a writer for Venus Diva Magazine (now and Re/Dress was unlike anything that I had ever seen before.

Upon entering the store I was greeted by plus size women who openly expressed themselves through clothing, hair and accessories. I felt like I belonged there so I decided to browse the racks filled with clothing.

To my surprise Re/Dress NYC carried everything that you could think of and it all came in my size. From the most stylish vintage dresses to items that were currently on trend, if it was available in plus sizes, Re/Dress NYC carried it.


We spent hours browsing the racks and trying on clothing. We were there so long that I had to take a break because my toes were hurting. I live in Michigan and we don’t walk nearly as much as the New Yorkers do. Lucky for me, they had a comfy couch in the back. The couch was strategically positioned in a place where I could view the entire store while sitting down. Even though I was resting, I was still able to shop. Talk about convenience.

I honestly don’t remember what I purchased that day but I do remember it being one of the most inviting shopping experiences that I’ve ever had.

Every plus size woman deserves a shopping experience such as the one I had at Re/Dress NYC that day.

Unfortunately, the store that I visited in 2009 closed their doors in 2011. Although they’ve been going strong online, it really isn’t the same. Shopping online doesn’t give you that personal touch that you not only need, but deserve. You can’t enjoy face to face engagement, fitting room laughter and bonding time with your plus size sisters. And you definitely can’t have the same experience that I had at Re/Dress NYC in 2009.

But there’s hope after all!

Rachel Kacenjar took over as owner in 2011 and she has made it her mission to reopen the doors of Re/Dress NYC. Before she can bring the plus size vintage gem back some important details need to be taken care of first. Rachel has launched an online campaign to get Re/Dress up and running and she needs your help.


From now until Friday March 29th you can be apart of history by donating as little as $5 or as much as $1000 and help Re/Dress NYC reopen. The money will be used for stock, to offer a larger range of sizes, to offer more variety, to expand their range of models and to find a brick & mortar that they can all their own.

I applaud Rachel for what she’s doing. It takes courage to take on such a task but it also takes heaping helping of faith to lean on friends and supporters to breathe life into something as great as Re/Dress NYC.

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