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7 Ways to Thrive in the Plus Size Industry


7 Ways to Thrive in the Plus Size Industry


7 Ways to Thrive in the Plus Size Industry

Since 2009 I’ve been fully immersed in the plus size industry. My journey as an Editor-In-Chief has introduced me to some extremely talented men and women who are passionate about their craft. has had the honor of aligning ourselves with plus positive brands such as Plus Model Magazine, Full Figured Fashion Week™, The Fuller Woman Expo, Igigi, Swak Designs and Just My Size among others. One thing we pride ourselves in is researching the companies that we are thinking of doing business with. Research and trusting select peers in the industry are a driving force at and it has saved us from supporting brands that do not share our mission with us.

I’m sure I speak for many in the plus size industry when I say that this industry is near-and-dear to my heart, and I am highly protective of our readers and industry colleagues who work tirelessly within the plus size industry to promote and represent their brand in a forthright and genuine manner.

With that being said, by observing and asking the following questions you can better equip yourself to Thrive In the Plus Size Industry:


  • Do they offer current, quality references that you can check with?
  • Are the ‘top-level’ companies they are showing an association with still involved with the organization, or are they relying on old footage, images and ads to sell you their advertising/event?
  • Do they offer a consistent business model, or do they come-and-go every few years?
  • What is their contract, and what are you committing yourself to?


  • Besides the references they provide, do some digging on your own to find out what their reputation is amongst other industry professionals. Check to see what companies they have worked with in the past that are NO LONGER with them; contact those companies directly to see if they will share their experience. Please note… if you contact me about a specific vendor you are interested in working with, I am happy to share whether I have worked with, am working with or would consider working with that vendor in the future.
  • And finally, conduct your own Google search to find out what other information you can discover about the individual and their company; you might be surprised by the results.
  • Remember, just because someone ‘looks’ professional from the outside, and ‘seems’ to have a lot of industry backing, Facebook likes, Twitter followers and such, does NOT necessarily make them an industry professional that you would want your brand to be associated with… please, protect yourself and protect our industry so that we can continue to grow.

Keep Thriving & Remain Positive,

Stephanie Penn
Editor-In-Chief of

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