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Letter From the Editor: A Journey Of Self Love & Acceptance


Letter From the Editor: A Journey Of Self Love & Acceptance

Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Penn

Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Penn

Our goal at is to inspire our readers. Everything we do is done with that goal in mind. Each month we feature articles that we feel are aligned with our mission; to connect with women and men who have a deep rooted love for plus size women.

The more plus size women that I connect with, the more I feel obligated to deliver a product that stays true to our mission. I am passionate about that.

I remember the first time I walked into Ashley Stewart and said to myself, “I know her!” The model that I’m speaking of is Asia Mone’t, our May cover model. I already exist in a space of purpose but once you actually connect with the women in the plus size industry and community on a personal and professional level, that purpose becomes clear. That purpose no longer stops at you. It’s now your duty to represent.

During that same visit to Ashley Stewart, I saw a familiar face. I had never met this model before but I recognized her nonetheless. The model I’m speaking of is our February Cover model Samantha Lebbie. Before I knew who she was, I was determined to put her on our cover. She was different. She didn’t look like any cover model that we’ve ever had and for that she stood out to me and standing out is what we do. We’re passionate about that.

When photographer Jovanna Reyes informed me of an upcoming Curvy Boudoir photo shoot she was doing, she was so enthused about the concept that I couldn’t resist sharing the images with our readers. One of the models featured in the Curvy Boudoir photo shoot was Samantha. Other models include our Beauty Editor, Nina Taylor along with models Nakia Williams and Chearice Vaughn. We knew that seeing images of plus size women would not only inspire you but reaffirm your love affair with your own curves. Curves that you’re passionate about.

Whether you’re passionate about fashion, music or life; be passionate about something. Over the years we’ve discussed celebrities, fashion trends and body image topics that speak to the woman in you but the thing that I’m most proud of is our ability to inspire you by digging deeper. Features like Valentine’s Day craft projects with the kids, Notable Quotes: Inspire & Ignite Your Passionate Side and interviews with artists like Theresa Payne do just that; ignite something in all of us that keeps us going.

Displaying a healthy amount of passion about any topic is good for you. It allows you to feel empowered while rallying behind something that you love. In fact, each of you empower me to renew my personal mission daily and for that I thank you.

Join us on this month long journey of self love, acceptance and most of all passion. Passion for our curves and for each other.

Love Always,

Stephanie Penn

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