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Small Changes To My Favorite Home Meals

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Small Changes To My Favorite Home Meals


The first month of 2013 is almost over.  Hopefully, you’re still on track toward achieving your fitness goals.  The smallest changes can have the largest impact. You can have some of the same stuff you love just by making a few changes. Here are some of the changes that have helped me or that I plan to incorporate into my favorite meals.

Some of my favorite meals are:

Fried Fish, Rice Vermicelli & Corn

I plan on cutting down on grease by broiling my fish more often instead of frying it and using a butter substitute that is healthier, hopefully I can sneak this in but my hubby loves butter.

Scrambled Cheese Eggs and Bacon

A favorite at my house! Sometimes we use cooking spray instead of butter and most times we go for the turkey bacon which is a healthier choice. On occasion for myself, I use imitation eggs but not always.

Spanish Rice and Beans w/Italian Chicken Sausage

I have made a few changes from my mom’s recipie and that is that instead of salt I use seasoning salt which is lower in sodium and I allow my other seasonings here to bring out the taste: Cayenne pepper, fresh black pepper and fresh garlic, peppers and onions.

Spaghetti, Meatballs & Italian Hot sausage

We already switched to using angel hair pasta which is excellent for decreasing the amount of starch but we haven’t quite been able to embrace the whole wheat pasta switch. The key here is to decrease the sodium content. At my house we love Italian dishes and we also love meats w/zing so one thing to keep in mind is to buy ground meat and make the meatballs fresh or look for pre-cooked meatballs that have a low sodium content, because the delicious sauce itself is usually high enough. Add fresh spices to make your mouth dance.

How do alter your food so you can stay healthy?

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