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How Risky Are Energy Drinks?


How Risky Are Energy Drinks?

Coffee-Crazed Woman

As a coffee drinker I’ve always been a little leery of energy drinks. I have enough caffeine in me already so I can only imagine what an energy drink combined with coffee will do to my nerves. Combining the two sounds a bit risky and it’s a risk that I prefer not take.  Don’t even get me started with the energy drink/alcohol beverage combination.

According to the FDA (food and drug administration), energy drinks contributed to over 7,000 emergency visits in the U.S. from 2004 to 2009.

Additional data collected from the FDA shows the following:

  • Deaths caused by heart attack, loss of consciousness and suicide
  • One miscarriage linked to the consumption of an energy drink
  • Convulsions, deafness, hemorrhage (a sudden loss of a significant amount of blood) and life threatening fear, all traced back to one particular beverage
  • A number of consumers were hospitalized shortly after consuming energy drinks. Reasons for hospitalization include an increased heart rate, loss of consciousness, severe diarrhea, vomiting, heart attack, irregular heartbeat and psychotic disorder
  • Disabilities resulting from energy drink-induced strokes and irregular heartbeats

Coffee isn’t innocent either.  According to Harvard Health Publications coffee does have modest cardiovascular effects. Heavy coffee drinkers may experience a faster heart rate, increased blood pressure, and an occasional irregular heartbeat.  On the flip side, coffee has some benefits as well so I think I’ll skip the Red Bull for now and stick to my Starbucks.

Are you an energy beverage drinker? Does it help you and have you ever experienced side effects?

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