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Lead By Example With Our Kids This Year


Lead By Example With Our Kids This Year

caring-for-active-childrenEvery year we, adults, make plans to get more physically fit, eat healthier, and enjoy life more; but what about our kids?

Activity – between Christmas and my daughter Jade’s birthday, everyone in my household has made sure that Jade has plenty of things that keep her busy, not just in creativity but also motion. She has roller skates, a basketball set, slide and swing, baseball and ball and a bicycle. She loves the outdoors and as her parent it’s my duty to keep her moving and having fun.

Besides these type of activities, check out some of your local magazines. Here in Charlotte we have Charlotte Parent and a Kids Directory. They keep an organized list of places where you can learn and practice gymnastics, dance studios and swim clubs for toddlers to teens. Of course these come with monthly fees, however some of them do offer free trial periods which is always a great idea to see if your child will even like the activity before you sign up for a commitment. Also there are listings of free or nominal fee activities and parks. It’s great to get yourself moving and include the kids!

Eating right – We often alter how we eat but not the kids. How about making homemade chicken nuggets? Or make a fruit smoothie with some kale? Or make mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes? The world is fresh and new to our kids and they may enjoy something that we’ve avoided all of our lives. I have to hand it to Disney Junior their short feature film  That’s Fresh hosted by L.A. chef Helen Cavallo offers  some great quick meal ideas that are easy, healthy, and different.

The New Year is exciting and fresh but we cannot ignore or forget about incorporating these exciting changes to everyone in our lives. We must lead by example. So let’s help our kids get more fresh air, enjoy activity and healthy eating!

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