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Just Do It! In 2013


Just Do It! In 2013

woman-new-years-eve-party-425tp121809The new year is officially underway.  It’s the start of a new beginning.  Take all of the lessons learned in 2012 and apply them to better days in 2013. With all the excitement that a new year brings it’s important to evaluate your current situation and hopefully improve your life for the better. Here are just few advice tidbits from me as you begin your journey into 2013.

1. In dating yield different results:

If you are still single and do not wish to be… Your old tricks may not be working. Take this year to challenge yourself to think outside the box when it comes to relationships. Try online dating if you have never tried it. Remove the stigma that comes along with logging on to find your boo. Just think of all the missed opportunities in connecting with people during the day. At least you know the men logged on are looking for the same thing as you, a partner in life and someone to love. Make it a point to go out even when the weather is bad. Think about it.. All the other women are concerned with their hair and staying at home. More men for you!

Start with a smile and flirt like your life depended on it!

2. Remain fabulous through the storm:

They say if you look good you feel good, and I find that to be extremely true. There is power in looking good. When you feel you are at your worst, put on your Sunday’s best and show up and show out.
3. Say how you feel and mean it:

The worst thing you can do for your mental health is hold in something that is making you upset. Find a way to let out disappointment, stress, anger, through positive communication. When approaching a situation instead of attacking the person, start with “I feel___, when you…” Most disagreements stem from a misunderstanding. Find the courage to communicate your feelings positively.

4. Get back to the humanness of being human:

Social media and texting is great to keep up with family and friends. However challenge yourself to pick up the phone and call someone on a regular basis. We’ve gotten away from being personal and time costs nothing but means so much when it’s given.

5. Just Do It!:

Is there an idea or concept you are hanging on to? Is there something that you’ve always dreamed of doing? Identify what is holding you back from attempting your goals get out of your own way and just do it! Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of amazing opportunities because of fear and lack of confidence in ourselves. Every great experience in your life started with a tiny step.

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