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2013 January Plus Size Cover Model: Sunni Diggs

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2013 January Plus Size Cover Model: Sunni Diggs

2013 January Plus Size Cover Model: Sunni

2013 January Plus Size Cover Model: Sunni

Sunni Diggs began her career in modeling after being scouted by a local veteran, plus model Dana Brown of Gemini Models. Later she became the first runner up of the 1st Annual Full Figured Metropolitan in 2004.

In 2006, Sunni became one of the top 6 finalist to compete in the first ever “Thick and Sexy Top Model” competition on the Tyra Banks Show.

In 2010, Sunni Diggs appeared on the February cover of Since appearing on our cover she’s adopted a healthier lifestyle, modeled during Full Figured Fashion Week™ and appeared in a number of fashion shows and online publications. Most recently she became the winner of the 2012 Plus Night Out Model Search. As we celebrate the New Year, here Sunni reveals a few of her favorite things:


Favorite Plus designers: I’ve always been a fan of designers like Monif C, Curvysta Plus and Igigi. However I have recently discovered and had the pleasure of working with a designer here in Baltimore, MD named Jody Davis. She is amazing and designs for a wide variety of sizes.

Most Memorable Outfit:  My most memorable outfit has to be my senior prom outfit. When I was in high school it is practically impossible to find a stylish fun prom dress in a plus size. I ended up finding the prom dress of my dreams, but just only 4 sized too small. My mom and spent 2 days sewing and reconstructing it so that it would fit and it turned out amazing.

Thoughts on wearing heels: Even though I am 6 feet tall, I am not intimidated by a pair of killer heels. I embrace my height and a awesome pair of heels can really upgrade an outfit whether you are wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or cocktail dress.

Handbags: As far as bags are concerned, I buy what I can afford however, I’m a huge fan of Guess and Coach. I require a lot of stuff so anything substantial like a hobo style bag is a must for me.

Denim: I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me. So far, Torrid and Ashley Stewart brand jeans have yet to fail me.

Stores to shop: I am such a frugal shopper, so I like to shop where I get the most bang for my buck. I love to shop at places like Ross and TJMaxx. I also do a lot of shopping online and I have found lots of interesting things on Ebay believe it or not.

Food: Everyone who knows me knows I have a weakness for Chinese food and Seafood. I could eat it every single day of my life and never get tired of it.

Place in the world: Give me a beach and some blue water and I’m one happy girl.

Music: I like a wide variety of music. I have everything in my iPod from Justin Beiber to Andrea Bocelli to A Tribe Called Quest. But everyone knows that I am a HUGE Janet Jackson fan. She’s #1 in my book

Beauty Essentials: I swear by Lancome mascara and eyeliner. As long as I have that, nothing else matters.

Perfect Evening: My idea of a perfect evening is quite simple. A cocktail, dinner, and chilling at home with my love. What more can a girl ask for?

Inspiration: I am truly inspired by those who have the capability to make their own dreams come true no matter how big or small. It gives me hope to see those living out their lives by their own design. That’s what I aspire to do.

Image Credit

Photographer: Jovanna Reyes

Dress: Curvy Girls Bridal

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