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Safety Tips For Protecting Our Children


Safety Tips For Protecting Our Children

Raquel Celeste my 7 year old daughter
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The recent shooting massacre in Newtown, CT serves as a reminder that it is up to us, the parents to be on top of the safety of our children. For the last 17 years I’ve worked in the security field but you do not need to have a job in security to create the perfect plan of action against tragedies like what has just happened to our neighbors in CT.

In an effort to help you protect your children I’ve outlined important ways you can prepare and protect the children in your life and reduce their chances of victimizing others and/or being a victim.

Communication: It is key that you speak to your son/daughter’s teachers & principal. Even if you have to take a day off from work, go and speak to them and ask them what their plan of action on a ‘Code Red’ situation is. Do not be afraid to ask questions, request their plans in writing or write them down on paper. It is your right as a parent.  Offer assistance and ask them how can you help? You can practice these drills at home and just make sure the kids learn it.

This is all new & scary for our children. But the more you speak of it to them the more they will understand. Understanding is the key to surviving one of these harmful incidents.

Talk to your children: If your children asks questions about what’s going on, be as honest as you can with them.  If they’re fearful, discuss ways that they can turn that fear into action.

Plan B: If you work too far from the school have a close family, friend or neighor that can pick up your child ASAP if an actual emergency would happen to occur. Reach out to this contact at least once a month to make sure their phone number is the same and that they are ready for any type of emergencies the child may have.

Support Group: Create a support group between parents to be prepare for an emergency. Go and visit your local police station explain to them your concerns and what proper actions you need to take or should take to help them to their job in case this was to happen to your school.

Involve all family members in your evacuation plan.  This includes older siblings and your spouse. Conduct practice drills twice a month. Create a word that will bring the feeling of peace, calm & safety to your child. The minute you see your child, smile, say the word several times and hold them tight. This will start bringing their frightened hearts back to normal beats.

Teach your child to leave with no one and have that safety word. If the stranger does not know the safety word your child is to run away and try to find a teacher or another parent. Many children have been taken right outside the school and have been fooled by the imposter.

I hope this has helped you in someway. Remain positive and alert when it comes to your children. We as Americans take our freedom for granted thinking our kids are safe because we aren’t at war. Sadly enough we are at war.  We’re at war with people who have no respect for one another’s life and isn’t above sacrificing our lives because of their internal issues.

May our children & families continue to remain blessed.

My prayers to all the beautiful angels we lost in CT.

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