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Plus Size Model On The Rise: Limarie Lewis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Plus Size Model On The Rise: Limarie Lewis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Plus Model: Limarie Lewis

When she’s not spreading positivity through poetry and encouraging words as the Curvy Confidence Editor of, Limarie Lewis is a beautiful plus size model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is an inspiration to everyone that she meets. Represented by IPM Model Management, she’s been a supporter of Venus for many years so when we decided to spotlight plus size models on the rise, she was the first name that came to mind.  Although Limarie has graced our cover in 2009, modeled for Plus Model Magazine, among others, it’s always nice to get reacquainted with our friends so today is the day where we re-introduce you to Limarie Lewis.

Daily Venus Diva, November 2009 Cover, Limarie Lewis

How did you start modeling?

I started modeling by researching modeling requirements on Google and came across websites like PlusModels, Daily Venus Diva & Plus Model Magazine. Every aspiring model should check out these websites for an abundance of information about how to get started. I took some polaroids and opened up some online modeling accounts, the main one being my Model Mayhem account so that I could start testing with photographers and gain experience in front of the camera. After my first shoot, I knew then this was the beginning of a beautiful chapter in my life.

Are you partial to a particular type of shoot?

My favorite types of shoots are the ones that come equipped with a whole team, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist. There is a lot that goes into a shoot so having the right people in place makes life a whole lot easier and saves time and energy. If I could, I’d leave it all to the professionals every time that way I can focus on modeling more than anything else.

What’s the best way for models to find modeling jobs?

This is a great question that I have asked myself many times. A great way to start is to have an online portfolio and then get connected! Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are great places to view casting calls. Also, Craigslist has a lot of listings but you have to be very careful with that because you never know what is on the other side of that ad, all in all it is good to talk to other models, designers and even post an ad yourself for what you are looking for. It all comes down to knowing what type of modeling you want to do and knowing yourself but most importantly, you have to put yourself out there.

How has modeling challenged you?

Modeling has challenged me to actually look past my flaws and assert myself more. In an industry where the assumption is that you have to be “perfect” you have to constantly reassure yourself that those things that you think aren’t so hott about yourself are actually okay. No one is perfect and after the makeup and photoshop is gone you have to really be comfortable in your own skin and truly love yourself because not every client will be interested in your particular look but you have to be able to not take it personally and keep on pushing to make your dreams come true.

What are your opinions on the use of larger plus size models?

I love the use of larger plus sized models; it is what inspired me to look into plus modeling in the first place. I think it is NECESSARY in order to meet the needs of consumers who want to see diversity in the fashion industry. We come in all different shapes and sizes and I love to see that represented in fashion. When I go shopping , I want to be inspired by seeing a woman that I can relate to. We are all not a size zero and women and girls, even men and boys have to be able to see that. I am glad that we are seeing more and more plus sized models but I look forward to the day when it is the norm to go into a store, online or open a catalog and all shapes, sizes are represented.

Since you’re a model do you consider yourself fashion forward, why or why not?

I always had my own sense of style which I think is constantly evolving the more I check out these amazing curvy bloggers out here. These women have inspired me on another level to actually step outside of the box and try pieces I never thought would work so well with my shape, these are the models I love to see the most because they are showing us what it looks like on a diverse range of women and girls. As a model, you have to be on trend and your look should always be young and fresh showing off your best assets.

Plus Model, Limarie Lewis

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