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Google Doodle Honors Computer Visionary Ada Lovelace


Google Doodle Honors Computer Visionary Ada Lovelace

Computer Visionary, Ada Lovelace

It’s always fascinating to learn about the latest Google Doodle.  Today Google is honoring Ada Lovelace, a mathematician and computer visionary who believed computers were more than just number crunchers.

December 10, 1815 marks Ada’s birthday and according to CNET, she is best known for her contributions toward Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, Designed but never actually built until 1991, the Analytical Engine is in many ways one of the ancestors of today’s computer systems.

Although the contributions of women in science and technology often goes untold, Google hopes today’s Doodle inspires people to find out about Ada Lovelace and the contributions made by women in general to science and technology.

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