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Wedded Bliss Wednesday: Vibrant Pink Organic Florida Wedding


Wedded Bliss Wednesday: Vibrant Pink Organic Florida Wedding

Yes, it’s cold outside but sit back and warm up with this amazing Florida wedding by Stehman Photography. I love me a good beach wedding and when it’s cold out and I can envision myself on the beach alongside the bride and groom it makes it even better. And this vibrant organic wedding is sure to please!

Brittany originally wanted orange as her wedding color, but after protest from her bridesmaids went with pink. The bride was kind enough to give them the shade and let the girls choose their own dresses.

Brittany and Ronnie met not far from where they had their beautiful wedding on St. Pete Beach. They were together 5 and half years and have a daughter together before deciding to make it official by getting married. They got married at the Grand Plaza Hotel on St. Pete Beach, which is one of the places they spent time together when they first started dating. We even took a photo of them all dressed up that is similar to one they took together when they first started dating.

As a way of keeping her guests cool on the hot beach in August, Brittany used woven fans with the program details attached for her guests. When it comes to floral arrangements, the mason jars used had a special meaning to Brittany and Ronnie. You see, Brittany uses the excess from her garden and actually uses mason jars to can her own food. So the mason jars were near and dear to her heart.

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