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Erica Watson Interviews Plus Community Leader, Chenese Lewis


Erica Watson Interviews Plus Community Leader, Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis

When you think of leaders in the plus community, one name that always comes to mind is Chenese Lewis. Whether she is interviewing other plus positive leaders as the host for PLUS Model Radio, or speaking at live events across the country, Chenese uses her voice to encourage all women to love their bodies and pursue their dreams no matter what their size. After working with plus brands such as Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Size Appeal and Bennetts Boots, Chenese has recently taken on the role of Client Consultant for IPM Model Management. I spoke to Chenese about her work in the plus community and her upcoming role in the film “Noobz”. I am so inspired by the woman who does it all, and you will be too!

1. How did you get your start in the Plus Community?

I found the community by having an interest in plus size modeling and searching online for resources in 2000. Through my search online I found message boards, events, opportunities, and new friends. I jumped in full force 12 years ago and remain active to this day by participating in whatever I can, supporting others doing positive things, and by creating projects and platforms to provide opportunities for others.

2. You are a tv host, radio host and you speak and host at live engagements. Which one do you enjoy most? How has your body size impacted your career in a positive way?

I think I like on-camera hosting the best, I wish I had the opportunity to do it more often. I don’t think my size has benefited with television hosting, but as far as hosting PLUS Model Radio and live events my size has benefited me 100% in carving out a specific niche and audience.

3. Now you are a movie star. Tell me about your role in the upcoming film “Noobz”. Is it true that you play a stripper?

Yes, I play a stripper in the movie! It’s not a lead role, but a very memorable one, I know for a fact I will gain new fans once the film is released in theaters nationwide. At first I wasn’t sure about accepting the role, but I used Mia Amber Davis and her role in Road Trip as inspiration and decided to go for it!

4. You are also very active in the plus fashion world. Tell me about your new position with IPM Model Management.

I work with bringing new clients and fresh faces to IPM Model Management. I am very excited about the new position and transitioning into another area of the industry. As a result my knowledge about the industry has expanded tremendously, especially in the area of modeling. Now an added perk of booking me as a host or special guest at plus size fashion events is that I can scout for models for the agency as well.

5. What is next for Chenese Lewis?

I’m very excited about 2013, I have planted the seeds for several things that I can’t discuss just yet, but visit my website at and sign up for my email list to stay up to date!

In the Quick 5 with Erica Watson, plus size comedienne Erica Watson interviews plus industry leaders and/or supporters.  

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