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Different Political Views, A Healthy Marriage


Different Political Views, A Healthy Marriage

As Americans head to the polls to vote in today’s election everyone is enthusiastic to cast their vote for who they feel is the best candidate.  Who you vote for is a private, personal decision and unless you’re in a sharing mood, there’s not reason to share your thoughts with anyone else but if there was one person who would know which political party you support, it would most likely be your spouse.

With issues like health care and equal pay up for discussion this election, households are divided as people are typically passionate about the issues that affect them.

Your marriage or relationship should not suffer because of an election that occurs every four years. offers some great tips for couples who want to have healthy political discussions.

How to Keep Your Political Differences From Hurting Your Marriage

  • Bridge your differences by agreeing to disagree.
  • Don’t ridicule one another’s opinions.
  • Allow your partner to have his/her own convictions.
  • Do not try subtle politicizing in your comments about budget planning or when you remind your spouse about needing to get gas in the car.
  • Remember to use your listening skills when discussing politics.
  • Show respect for each other’s political views.
  • Don’t try to change your spouse’s opinions. Instead try to understand those opinions. You can understand something without agreeing with it.
  • Look for what the two of you have in common on the political issues.
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