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Rebuild Your Marriage After Infidelity


Rebuild Your Marriage After Infidelity

When a person finds their spouse has been unfaithful, they usually feel as though they have no choice but to head to divorce court. However, Christy Little Jones thinks otherwise. As a survivor of infidelity, Christy has chosen to fight for her marriage and family. Through speaking, writing and coaching, Christy share’s the amazing testimony of her journey from heartbreak to happiness after infidelity and provides the six fundamental areas necessary to rebuilding a marriage that going through such turmoil.

1. COMMITMENT – you MUST both be willing and committed to pursuing health and wholeness in your marriage. If only one party is willing, it’s almost impossible to do. It’s a tough road ahead to rebuilding, both parties need to be ready to get in the trenches and not quit!

2. FAITH – to overcome the pain and offense of infidelity, it’s going to take a power greater than YOU! Now is the time to strengthen your relationship with God, your Creator. You are going to need to draw on His strength to see you through to victory. It’s going to be one of, if not THE hardest thing you have ever done in your life.

3. COMMUNICATION – your commitment to communicating with each other now needs to be more open and more intentional than it has ever been before. Trust has been breached and the only way to rebuild trust is through being open and honest…all of the time! NO MORE SECRETS!

4. FORGIVENESS – Forgiveness is essential! Without offering forgiveness and/or receiving it, you cannot enter into the process of healing. You and your spouse are one. Pursuing oneness is absent of punishment.

5. CONSISTENCY – If you are not consistent in your actions and behavior along your journey to wholeness, I guarantee that when you take one step forward, inconsistency will knock you back 5. Don’t defeat yourself. Be in it to win!

6. ACCOUNTABILITY – You shouldn’t walk this journey alone. It’s intense and not an easy climb. It’s important to share your journey to wholeness with people you trust. Commit to getting regular counsel and/or coaching from individuals who have your best interest at heart. Having this piece in place will help you stay the course when you feel like giving up.


More about Christy Little Jones:

Christy is a highly sought after national speaker that passionately expresses her love, joy and experience as a single woman, wife and mom in a very real and engaging way. For More Information on Christy Little Jones, please visit

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