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Monday Morning Motivation: Everybody Get Up!


Monday Morning Motivation: Everybody Get Up!

Monday Morning Motivation with Monica Marie Jones

Every night I set my alarm for a certain time. When that time comes in the morning, I end up hitting the snooze button up to ten times before I finally peel myself out of the bed. Waking up in itself is a blessing. I’m sure you can think of at least one person that you wish was still here to wake up yet another day. So how dare we put it off?

It’s like someone has given us an awesome gift, and instead of accepting it with gratitude and using it to add value to our life in some way…we give it back.

Think of all of the things that could be done with those minutes that go by when we hit the snooze button. Every time I hit the snooze button, I get an extra nine minutes of sleep. I could use that time to pray, meditate, exercise, clean up around the house, read, or eat breakfast…all of the things that we tend to neglect when we are pressed for time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I feel that rest is very important, but I’ve already planned and committed to a certain time to wake up and begin my day, and there is usually a very specific reason that I’ve chosen the time that I set the alarm for. And what ends up happening when I continue to hit the snooze button is that when I do wake up, I am rushed, stressed, doing things at the bitter last minute and forgetting things. I also find myself unable to add those finishing touches to my appearance or presentation, or whatever would make a huge difference in what I set out to do that day.

What else do you tend to hit the snooze button on in your life? What else are you putting off? Stop procrastinating and take full advantage of every moment in the moment, because this moment is the only one that is promised to us…the next one is not. So whether it is waking up, writing that book, starting that project, beginning that fitness regimen or whatever…stop hitting the snooze button and get up!

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