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Your Spa Date: Dressing Appropriately


Your Spa Date: Dressing Appropriately

Your Spa Date: Dressing Appropriately

It’s one of those things you don’t think about until your appointment at the spa is less than a half hour away: what do you wear? In the commercials and pamphlets, everyone is walking around in fluffy robes. Does that mean you can just wear a robe to the facility? Well, you could, but you probably won’t want to. So you don’t twist yourself into a tizzy worrying about what is really a minor matter of concern, here is some advice on dressing yourself for your day of relaxation.

Make a Call

First of all, don’t depend on commercials and the media to tell you what you’ll be wearing while actually at the spa. If you dress a certain way expecting that you’ll be outfitted with a robe, you may be in for a surprise. But this doesn’t need to be a matter of mystery. Call up the facility and simply ask if they will be giving you a robe or some other thing to wear while you’re there. More often than not, that type of clothing is reserved for those getting full body treatments. If you’re just going in for a facial or a manicure, you’re probably going to just wear the clothes you walked in with.


No spa is going to turn away customers because they don’t feel comfortable getting naked, so don’t feel as though you have to take off all your clothes to enjoy the full body treatments offered by the facility. All facilities are fine with you wearing whatever you’re comfortable with, whether that means keeping your bra on or wearing a swimsuit. The point of going in the first place is to enjoy a day of utter relaxation and peace. You can’t relax properly if you are worried about being naked in front of others.


The spa you’re visiting may be just for women, but most facilities are meant for both sexes. You may want to take that into consideration when deciding what to wear. You may feel completely comfortable being naked in front of the same sex, but not so much in front of those of the opposite gender. You can ask about these matters or you can simply bring a bathing suit just in case. There may be common areas such as the pool where guests are not allowed to be naked as well, so take that into consideration even if you don’t have any modesty issues.

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