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Bed & Pillow Talk: Five Tips on How to Tell Your Partner What You Want in Bed!


Bed & Pillow Talk: Five Tips on How to Tell Your Partner What You Want in Bed!

While sex can be somewhat of a touchy subject for most, it is important to be vocal about your wants and needs. Telling your partner what you want in bed can be frustrating and stressful as you try to voice what you want while still being mindful of the other person’s feelings. Rachel DeAlto provides five tips on how to get the job done without causing any problems or damaging your partner’s ego.

Time it right

Don’t have the conversation mid-act or even right after. Enjoy the moment, and when the heart returns to a normal pace, seize the moment to make the next round even better.

Focus on the positive

Is something working? Let him know! A carefully placed “right there!” or “that feels amazing!” will let him know what he is doing right, and will also let him know what isn’t quite up to par – without saying a word.

Sugarcoat it

Guys can be very sensitive about their bedroom skills, so coming out and saying “I wish you didn’t do ____” or “It doesn’t work when you do ____” isn’t going to work. Try starting with how much you love when he does X, and that you think it would be mind-blowing if he did Y. Most guys aim to please!

Play a game

Make him put on blindfold and ask for everything that he wants, and then let him return the favor. Forcing each other to vocalize what turns you on the most is a win-win for both of you! Plus the blind fold lowers your inhibitions to hold back!

Lead by example

Want to be touched in a certain way or prefer a position? Show him. Take his hand and put it on your body where you want to be caressed, or take control of changing up the position.


About Rachel DeAlto:

Rachel DeAlto is the Founder and CEO of FlipMe Flirting Cards and a Flirting and Communications Expert who is dedicated to helping people communicate more effectively. Her expertise is available to help individuals single and looking for love, those trying to improve their current relationships, or anyone that wants to improve the way they communicate in all facets of their life.

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