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National School Lunch Week: Healthy Snacks For Kids


National School Lunch Week: Healthy Snacks For Kids

October 15-19 is National School Lunch Week, a week all about celebrating the positive changes that have been made in school lunch programs across the country.

Here are a few “better for you” on-the-go snack and beverage alternatives when packing your child’s school lunch.

Swap out soda, sugary drinks and energy drinks for Sparkling ICE – Great tasting, bold-flavored refreshment that also happens to be zero calories, Sparkling ICE is a beverage your kids will love to drink and you will love to give them! Sparkling ICE combines mountain spring water, natural flavors, fruit juice, vitamins and antioxidants to create a lightly-carbonated beverage that is appealing to all age groups. A great alternative to soft drinks, Sparkling ICE is caffeine free and free of sugar. Best of all, Sparkling ICE offers delicious Jello, Popsicle, and dessert recipes as healthier sweet alternatives!

“Better for You,” Easy to Pack Lunchbox Options! When your kids are off at school you want to feel good knowing they’re eating smarter. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, the delicious fruit snacks made with REAL fruit, are easy to throw in kids’ lunchboxes as a better dessert alternative. Manufactured and Marketed by Promotion In Motion Inc, these mouth-watering fruit snacks are fat free, gluten free and contain 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C and 25% of Vitamins A and E. And with the 80-calorie packs, your kids get a portion-controlled treat that you, as a parent, can feel good about!

Which healthy snacks do your children eat?

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