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Honesty at Every Size


Honesty at Every Size

I am a FIRM believer in the Healthy at Every Size (HAES) movement, the belief that every size has the capacity to be healthy. Although I believe in the practice, I can’t say that I have followed the methodology. It is now time for me to be honest with myself and really start on a path to wellness.

Over the past few years my sisters and I have collectively partnered on the latest advertised method to losing weight, all of which has resulted in the never ending cycle of dieting, tremendous weight loss, recovery from the diet restrictions that achieved the weight loss then gaining the weight back. No one has suffered more of the later than me. I am currently at my heaviest to date.

My sisters are now following a regime of a more balanced combination of eating healthy and exercise which has resulted in them both having sustainable health and well being. I am the last one to follow suite, blaming my lack of commitment to time, resources and accessibility to those things that I need to have to start me on the path to wellness. All of these excuses are not excuses at all, just reasons that have worked for me so that I can rationalize why I have been stuck in this rut.

I have lied to myself constantly when it came to my health, reflecting on past practice as a reason why things are not as bad as they could be. I have lied so much that I already knew when I purchased the gym membership 6 months ago that I probably wasn’t going to use it often. I bought all the healthy foods I should have and let it rot in the fridge because I forgot it was there, forgetting the lie I told myself about eating better.

I love my curves. I love them so much that I want to care for them the way that I care for anything else I love. So today, my DVD family, I pledge the following to me:

  • I affirm that I am beautiful and loved at any size.
  • I will no longer lie to myself as it relates to getting healthy.
  • I will no longer make excuses for not committing to love myself from the inside, out. There will no longer be any excuse that is acceptable.
  • I will set realistic goals for health and wellness.
  • I will no longer hold on to “goal” clothes at a certain size and commit to buying new ones that compliment each stage of my wellness, no matter what size they happen to be.

This is my New Me Affirmation. I have to admit, that last one is a hard one because I have A LOT of cute stuff! But reciting it to you makes me feel more committed. Now have I thousands of accountability partners!

I don’t want to make my new path a New Years resolution in January but rather make it a New Me Affirmation today. Feel free to share your New Me Affirmation too. We can commit to do better, together!

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