The Magic Behind

Publisher Valery Amador & E.I.C. Stephanie Penn

Each cover model interview starts off with an introduction written by me but when a model has a positive relationship with the family, it’s refreshing and inspiring to allow her to reflect on her journey and her relationship with us.

Years ago, before I got involved with, our publisher Valery Amador of V.I.E. Thrive created an extensive resource guide for plus size models to lean and depend on as they followed their dreams of becoming plus size models. The stage was set long before I got on board and it has been my pleasure to carry the torch.  When I read words like, “Venus Diva Magazine is the reason I model today” or “Venus was the first website that I found when I started my journey”, it’s hard not to give credit where credit is due.

I often compare Valery to the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. You feel her presence and you are aware of her influence but like the Wizard, you seldom see her so her identity remains a mystery.

This month’s theme is dedicated to magic and all things mysterious as it relates to plus size women. Join us as we get reacquainted with our October 2012 cover model Teslyn Butler. This month she shares with us her journey with us and her plans for the future. Plus size women have a love/hate relationship with shape wear. It’s a necessary evil so why not discuss it in the right way. Uncovering the mystery behind shape wear and which brand is best for your curves will be explored this October. Domestic Violence is a topic that we take very seriously so we’ve made it our mission this month to make you aware of the warning signs of someone suffering from domestic violence.

Other features include:

  • Plus Size Fab Finds
  • Wedded Bliss Wednesday
  • Curvy News & Entertainment

Plus Size Find of the Day: Ponte Blazer

Daily Venus Diva: October 2012 with Teslyn Butler

Cover Model for Oct 2012: Teslyn Butler