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PLUS Model Magazine Celebrates Curves With Their ‘Love Your Body’ Issue


PLUS Model Magazine Celebrates Curves With Their ‘Love Your Body’ Issue

If you aren’t a fan of your body I suggest you take a peek at the October 2012 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine. This month’s issue features a very confident Ivory May Kalber of NuVo TV’s Curvy Girls and features plus size bodies in an effort to encourage you to embrace your curves.

Posing nude and baring your curves are not for everyone.  Although I’ve never exposed myself in such a manner I could only imagine the amount of liberation a woman would experience upon doing such a thing.

With National Love Your Body Day approaching (Oct. 17, 2012), the groundbreaking October issue, asks, “Is Body Shaming Present In Our Lives?”  Instead of just answering with a simple yes or no, the magazine does a great job of accompanying thought provoking quotes and facts with models of all sizes.  These fearless models are willing to bare it all tastefully and confirm their affinity for their bodies and women like them.

Cover model Ivory May Kalber is joined by plus size models Liris Crosse, Wynnetka, Laura Johnson and Emma Meyer.

Each year PLUS Model Magazine pushes the envelope with their “Love Your Body” issue.  Past cover models of what I like to call “the issue with a purpose” includes ANTM alum Toccara and International plus model Fluvia Lacerda.

We live in a world where people are constantly sending negative messages to plus size women and girls so this issue is right on time.  Just yesterday news anchor Jennifer Livingston felt compelled to address a cruel viewer who sent her fat hate mail. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera are constantly being criticized for gaining weight even though their weight in no way classifies them as being plus sized.  The world can be harsh and learning to love your own body is the best line of defense that any woman can have.

The conversation sparked by PLUS Model Magazine is worth having and it is necessary so how will you carry the torch?  How will you keep the conversation going?

PLUS Model Magazine, the premiere virtual magazine celebrating the plus size fashion, beauty and plus size modeling industries, inspires YOU to thrive in your curves, crave contemporary fashion and design your life on your own terms, sans apologies.

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