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What Is The Best Clothing Brand For Plus Size Women?


What Is The Best Clothing Brand For Plus Size Women?

What is the best clothing brand for plus size women?

This question is frequently asked and although I understand a woman’s need to uncover the answer I’m sorry to report that there isn’t one concrete answer.  Labeling something as “the best” would mean that it’s better than the rest but when shopping for clothing what’s considered the best to you may not be the best to someone else so it really boils down to what you’re looking for in particular.

If you have somewhere to go in a few hours and you need the convenience of running in and out of the store then a plus size retailer like Ashley Stewart, Avenue or Lane Bryant are your best options. Each of these stores are located online and in major cities across the country making traveling and shopping so much easier.

If you’re in search of something with a little spunk, give retailers like Torrid and City Chic a try. Both of these stores have this fun teen friendly vibe going on but they definitely carry items that cater to the grown up in you.

For you fitness fanatics plus friendly brand Female For Life is perfect for you. They carry activewear for women in the form of exercise tops, yoga pants and maternity clothing.

Are you planning for a night on the town? International design house Carmakoma is edgy enough to wear to the club and they carry fashion staples that can be added to your everyday rotation.

Headed to the beach? Sealed With A Kiss carries some of the most beautiful maxi dresses and they can be dressed up or dressed down. If you plan on taking a dip into the pool, give a try.

If sophistication is your thing, give online retailers Igigi, Ulla Popken, Queen Grace and upscale department store Nordstrom a try. From evening gowns to chic suits, all of these companies offer fashionable options for mature women and are perfect if you want to take your wardrobe up a couple of notches.

Of course there are hundreds of other designers, retailers and department stores that you can choose from but these are some of my personal favorites. Regardless of what you’re looking for there is a perfect brand for you and it’s not limited to just one. We have choices!

Do you have a favorite plus size brand?  If so, let us know!
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