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Should Kids Be Encouraged To Treat Life Like A Business?


Should Kids Be Encouraged To Treat Life Like A Business?

Encouraging your children to treat life like a Fortune 500 business sounds a bit harsh but according to private investigator Virgil Brannon this mindset is necessary if we want to foster a nation filled with kids who have great communication skills and good manners. Brannon,  author of Democratic Coma says parents should teach their children to be business-like and to think like a professional.

Brannon’s non-profit organization (I Am Vision Inc.) mentors disadvantaged children, helping them develop the values, understanding and knowledge they need to be motivated and equipped to succeed. He has found that coaching children to manage their lives as they would a business helps them not only develop good habits and skills, it also teaches them some essential business lessons:

  • Your life is your business: Our business is how we act, speak, the way we dress, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. Like any other business, it is expected to grow and prosper and to do that, we must invest in it. Part of that is feeding the mind with the information needed to make good choices.
  • The people you meet and the friends you make are your clientele: Treat all people with the respect you would any customer or potential customer. Our relationships can elevate us if people feel their treated fairly, honestly and with respect.
  • The more you provide or produce, the more you advance: Business involves providing a service or product. Business people do not care about excuses; they care about what you have to offer them. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what color you are, if you have something they need – and a reputation for integrity — they will come to you for it.
  • Your appearance means everything: You must look the part to get the part. The secret is to look as though you already have it to obtain what you want.

What do you think? Is this way of thinking a bit extreme?

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