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Meet Personal Style Blogger & Thrift-nista, Style Chic 360


Meet Personal Style Blogger & Thrift-nista, Style Chic 360

Fashion bloggers not only influence trends but they also empower their readers by introducing women to fashion in a very nonconventional way.  One plus size fashion blogger that’s been on our radar for quite some time is Style Chic 360.

Inez is a personal style blogger and thrift-nista sharing her love for fashion daily on the blog Style Chic 360. Seeing a need to create a place for fashion bloggers of Detroit to unite, grow and network, she created and co-founded the network FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit in 2011. Inez loves meeting and networking with others. Keeping both sites engaging and interactive is one of her main goals; empowering others to utilize their strengths to the fullest would be next.

Inez is said to be a true social butterfly, she’s constantly searching for ways to keep her readers engaged and involved. Maintaining a personal blog and a blogger network almost seems to be a no-brainer for her. She likes to keep things simple her motto: Work smart not hard and be stylish and chic while doing it!

Sticking to our theme of spotlighting women who ‘Thrive In Their Curves” we’re featuring Inez because we think she’s amazing at what she does and we know you will too.

What made you decide to blog?

After a rough break-up I decided I needed a positive place to escape. My blog forced me to get dolled up even when my mood said otherwise. It wasn’t long before my spirits were lifted. It has been a great stress reliever and creative outlet that I’ve grown to truly enjoy.

What are five words that describe your blog?

Positive, engaging, special, stylish and chic!

Describe a typical reader of your blog?

The typical reader of Style Chic 360 is 25-34; she usually what I call a thrift-nista, who loves thrifting and finding great deals. She’s always looking for inspiration to maintain her chic style!

As a blogger, what’s your ultimate goal?

To empower and inspire women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to love the skin they’re in and be comfortable with what makes them unique and special. In the end, I’d like Style Chic 360 and FASH DET to be synonymous with fashion in Detroit.

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