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Interview with IPM/Wilhelmina Plus Model Danie Williams


Interview with IPM/Wilhelmina Plus Model Danie Williams

Photographer: Chris Vongsawat

I met Danie Williams at a go-see in Brooklyn, New York in 2011. It was a hot day and I had been running around New York alone all morning so I was happy to meet another plus model that I could relax and build with while we waited for some things to come together.

When I asked Danie if she was from New York I was excited when she told me that she had originally come from Wisconsin to New York to pursue modeling and music. Being a Philly girl all my life, I love hearing about people who dare to dream big and take a chance at starting new somewhere else, especially in New York. Since that day we have not lost touch and lately I have been finding myself really following Danie’s blog Letter 2 Self and looking forward to each new entry.

Letter 2 Self is where Danie has been sharing with the world her journey as a musician and plus model and every time I read her blog I leave inspired, especially her most recent entry titled Parts Modeling – The Roly Poly Version. Everyone has their own story , so let’s get to know Danie a little!

Danie Williams is a musician, writer, song writer & plus model signed with IPM models and Wilhelmina.

So tell us Danie, when did you start plus modeling?

I started modeling in 2006 for a few art-student friends of mine. I got into Pin-Up shortly after that, which is still my favorite kind of modeling. The sets, costumes and props are so elaborate that there is no way not to have a blast. After the prompting of a few good friends of mine I started taking it really seriously and started modeling commercially a few years ago.

How long have you been writing music and singing?

I started playing the piano when I was 5 and found my love for music right away. I started writing music in high school and did the rock scene with a few different bands and performed in musical theater. After those bands didn’t work out, I started working on my first solo project last year. I’m also demo singing and performing at local open mics.

Has it always been easy for you to share your talents/dreams with the world?

This is a hard question to answer because I could as easily say yes as I could say no. I’ve always believed that an artist’s sole responsibility to the world is to be honest. You won’t ever be a sincere and convincing songwriter if you don’t bare your sole. That’s why music can reach us and hold us mesmerized. So, in terms of putting myself and my emotions out there for the world to see, that’s the easy part. The hard part for me is getting up and performing the songs I’ve written. I have been working (for years) on overcoming terrible stage fright. I got into it a little bit on my blog, but after I came out of an abusive relationship, my stage fright got so bad it was almost debilitating. It’s definitely been a challenge and a battle to overcome that so I can get my music out there, and so people can hear the feelings and emotions I’m trying to convey.

What does “curvy confidence” mean to you?

I think at one point or another we all look at our own bodies as see something we want to fix. We wish our hips were smaller, or we had a smaller nose, we were taller, etc. I think curvy confidence is looking at your body, even if it isn’t exactly where you want it to be, and loving it anyway. It’s when we walk out the door, knowing that we are as beautiful today as we will ever be. We may not love our size, but we always must love our bodies… and treat it with love and respect, because it’s the only one we have.

What is one of your most favorite quotes?

This is such a hard question for me! I love quotes! If I had to pick, one I’ve found particularly inspiring would be:  “Keep your face towards the sunshine – and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

If you had one word of advice to an aspiring model what would it be?

You are a brand. It is your job to represent yourself with the solidarity and marketability of a brand. Therefore, only work with those who can enhance, and not those who take away from. Keep focused and be sure that the things you spend your time doing help to push you in the directions of your dreams, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Imagine’at Photography (Photographer: Daniel Rivera)

Thank you for this interview Danie! You are amazing! Keep on Thriving! For more on Danie check her out at any or all of the following websites!

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