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Back to School: Bringing Innovation Into The Dorm Room


Back to School: Bringing Innovation Into The Dorm Room

Heading back-to-school isn’t just about the latest and greatest in school supplies, it’s also about the time in a student’s life when they are coming into their own and putting their future paths in motion. Whether it’s the dorm room at school or the bedroom at their parents’ home, this space is officially the innovation nerve centre for what will come tomorrow. In fact, major innovations from Napster to, and Instagram to FourSquare, have all been dreamt up by students in their dorm rooms. And as students head back to class, Best Buy can help outfit these spaces with the right technology to make sure they are set up for success and even help support the next big idea that is just about to be discovered.

Tech Gadgets that Get the Grade
With the right technology, the possibilities of what students can dream up or create are endless! Whether kids are going off to college, high school or elementary school, Best Buy has the technology that gets the grade, including:

Ultrabooks are great for students. They’re lightweight making them easy for transport and powerful enough to keep up with all the things students need them for. This category is so popular, that growth in Ultrabooks and other thin/light laptops year-over-year is 41 per cent.

Samsung Series 9 15″ Ultrabook , $1,499.99
This Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook delivers high performance in a sleek, ultra portable machine. It switches between work and play with ease and the HD SuperBright Plus screen can show off presentations in razor sharp clarity one minute and movies in exciting lifelike, HD the next.

Tablets continue to rise in popularity – a growth of 41 per cent over last year in fact – and make a great addition to a laptop or Ultrabook. With so many textbooks now available for download it makes it so much easier to carry “books” to and from class.

ASUS 10.1″ 32GB Transformer Pad Tablet , $399.99
The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T-B1 offers the portability and convenience of a tablet but with the functionality of a laptop. It’s super lightweight and thin, so it’s perfect for a student’s mobile lifestyle. Featuring a 10.1″ screen, quad-core processing, 32GB of built-in storage, dual cameras, and Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, they can work and play the way they want.

This generation of students rarely leaves home without their smartphones. In fact, Best Buy is expecting a 50 per cent increase in wireless purchases during the back-to-school season, making smartphones one of the hottest items on everyone’s list.

HTC One Smartphone, (price based on plan)
The HTC One is packed with smart and innovative technology. It runs on a powerful dual-core processor and the sleek Android 4.0 OS, so students will get a smooth, fast performance whether they’re checking e-mail or gaming. With Beats Audio, students will get a whole new sound experience while the HD touchscreen shows off content in stunning, razor sharp clarity.

Smartphone Cases
Safety aside, accessories are just plain stylish. In a world where many students are sporting a smartphone or tablet, accessories offer the chance to make theirs unique. A solid, sturdy case can also prevent their favourite gadget from sporting unsightly scratches and nicks—and can keep them looking as good as new.

Lifeproof iPhone 4/4S Hard Plastic Case , $79.99
From accident prone to really cautious, students will find the LifeProof iPhone 4/4S keeps their phone protected from almost everything that can harm it – water, dust, dirt, and impact. And it gives them total access to all their phone’s functions like the touchscreen, camera, home button, volume buttons, and headphone jack.

Back to school can be fun too! No student should return to campus without a few tech toys that will help them stay productive, connected and entertained.

Beats by Dr Dre Beatbox Portable iPod Sound Dock, $449.99
Heading back to campus wouldn’t be complete without a really great party. Students (and all their friends) can rock out with the Beats by Dr Dre Beatbox Portable iPod Sound Dock. This high performance sound machine can make the room rumble with rich, deep bass while an amplifier delivers a powerful sound that can also be controlled by an iPod from the comfort of the couch with the handy IR remote.

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