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How to Work It in the Summer Heat


How to Work It in the Summer Heat

New beginnings are wonderful and a welcomed opportunity to reinvent, rework and refresh things. That’s how I feel about my new job at As the new Fashion Editor I have the privilege of bringing the fabulous world of fashion to you from a curvy girls perspective. I hope to serve you well with style tips, advice and inspiration to help you thrive in your curves.

Maybe you have a new job too or need a fresh look for the one you have. In another life I was a corporate marketing director who had to look “boardroom ready” regardless of the weather. Since this month is dedicated to empowerment, I started to think about how I kept my look cool, calm and collected at work in the summer heat.

This will be the first of many times I will use my motto: “ABC – Always Be Cute.” Dressing for work in the summer has its own unique challenges. In essence we have to deal with two completely different environments: it’s Africa hot outdoors, while it’s Antarctica freezing indoors. So, what’s a curvy girl to do? The hot weather is no excuse to drop the ball when it comes to style, especially at work. Here are my do’s and don’ts for working it in the hot weather.

Sweat like a lady

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Do – Accessorize like a lady and use a cloth handkerchief to wipe the sweat from your face. Find beautiful feminine hankies with floral designs. I found mine for under $10 at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

Don’t – Use tissue that will leave bits of paper on your face and ruin your make-up or even a washcloth, like one of the fellas. It just doesn’t look lady-like or stylish at all.

Keep a secret sexy layer

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Do – Wear a sexy halter or tube top under a blazer or cardigan and none will be the wiser. Dressing in layers is also good in the summer, so you can remove them to cool off.

Don’t – Bare too much skin at work. Michelle Obama bare arms are appropriate but too much cleavage and skin really won’t work.

ABC – Always Be Cute

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Do – Keep a nice looking sweater or Pashmina scarf at work to bring some warmth to the refrigerator at the workplace. Pick one with a neutral or pastel color you can layer on anytime.

Don’t – Leave a ratty old tattered or unflattering sweater at work to wear when you get cold. I know it’s tempting, but remember to ABC: it’s just not a good look.

The agony of de-feet

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Do – Wear more closed in sandals or peep toes shoes. There are so many choices today with espadrilles, sling backs, and even ballet flats. Do remember to maintain a nice pedicure too. How are your toes looking?

Don’t – Wear super sexy strappy sandals or flip-flops at work. Looking like you’re ready for the club or the beach will not empower you at work.

Easy, breezy, beautiful…curvy girl

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Do – Wear comfortable dresses and skirts that you can breathe in. Lighten up your color palate because light colors reflect the sun’s heat and natural fibers like cotton and linen keep you cool. To prevent chaffing try biker short style shapewear with a cotton panel.

Don’t – Pour yourself into too tight tops or itty-bitty skirts for work. I t is the opposite of comfortable and considered unprofessional for any work place. Wearing black just absorbs the heat. Try a white top with black pants or skirt. That always looks chic.

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