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Saying Goodbye to a Friend: Rest In Peace Saran Palmer


Saying Goodbye to a Friend: Rest In Peace Saran Palmer

Saran Palmer

It was 2007, I was convinced to audition for this plus modeling traveling fashion show called “Stilettos and Curves.”   I really didn’t believe that I would make it but I did! I met several people during that show. One was a vivacious vibrant spirit named Saran Palmer.  She was beautiful and confident, a lot more confident in my curves than I was. We  became fast friends. We rehearsed together and encouraged each other every step of the way.   We performed in front of a packed house at Cobo Hall. Family flew was a big deal.  We rocked it out, I was so proud of all of us. It started me on my path to plus  empowerment. Saran and I vowed this was only the beginning.

Saran always had larger plans and bigger dreams, much bigger than she knew Detroit to hold. But she was going to stay for a while and see what Detroit was going to give her. Her production company she had left behind in Atlanta was profitable but she wanted to be near her mother who at the time lived in Chicago. She talked regularly how much she cared for her and worried about her health as did I for my own mother.

When I wasn’t ripping the runway doing local shows I worked midnights. Saran would be my companion. We would talk for hours about what we could do together. I admired her impermeable drive and spirit. Nothing was going to stand in her way.

Over the years we lost touch as people often do, I don’t even remember why we stopped talking, its been so long ago. It all seems so pointless now.  I would see her in passing at other events around the city. We would embrace, kiss on the cheek and hold hands a little while longer. We would never talk about the distance between us, I had my path and she surely had hers. It was like when we would see each other we just knew that the other was on the verge of great things.

Then I heard she passed away……. It affected me deeply. Not just because she was so young but because the world will never get to experience all of the wonderful things she was going to unleash. I mourn the loss of what could have been. She had so much left to do. While she was here she made an impact on everyone she touched. You may not have agreed with her vision but it wasn’t meant for you to, it was hers alone. It was so clear to her. We were just blessed enough to enjoy one of her stops in her path to greatness.

I was fortunate that I was able to tell her what she meant to me and how much in awe I was of her all those years ago. We lost a brilliant star the day she passed away.  Rest in heavenly peace Saran.

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