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15 Things to Consider for a Fabulous Day at the Amusement/Water Park


15 Things to Consider for a Fabulous Day at the Amusement/Water Park

I love spending time with my family and one great way to spend time with them in the summer is hitting the amusement park. We all know that amusement parks can wear a girl out though especially if not properly prepared, so below I put together a list of things to consider before your fun-filled day!

Water Park

On your face & body:

1.) Water Proof Sunscreen – protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen to exposed skin of at least 30 SPF before hitting the park. You may want to apply sunscreen on your hairline or scalp, especially if you have thin hair.

2.) Makeup – to avoid summer meltdown, try keeping your look natural during the day. For those who don’t want to go completely natural, try bronzy sunscreens on your face with a moisturizing lip balm and water-proof mascara.

3.) Sunglasses – don’t forget to bring your shades! Some rides won’t let you wear them but it is a good idea to carry these with you in your bag. When the sun gets too bright, you’ll be ready to protect your eyes diva style.

Hair & Scalp Protection:

4.) Hats – bringing a hat is an excellent idea to avoid scalp burns and block direct UV rays from hitting your face and eyes. There are so many gorgeous styles out there this season, don’t hesitate to get something that makes you look & feel fabulous.

5.) Before the pool – since hair is porous make sure you rinse your hair with clean water beforehand to prevent the hair from absorbing as much chlorinated water. For added protection, add some conditioner while the hair is wet and braid or bun it.

6.) After the pool – rinse the chlorine out of your hair with clean water and use a clarifying shampoo to remove all of the pools’ chemicals from your delicate strands, be sure to condition hair afterwards. If you don’t want to clarify or shampoo, plain water and some leave-in conditioner afterwards helps to prevent dryness as well.

7.) Quick Hairstyle Ideas – keep your hair off of your face with braids, twists, messy buns, ponytails & hair accessories such as headbands, clips & bobby pins. The ideas are endless!

On your Feet:

8.) Flip-Flops! You’ll need these to go from pools to water rides quickly, plus who wants to put on soggy sneakers? Gross!

At the Park:

You’ll be doing more walking around so you may want more support than a flip flop for your tired feet but the choice is yours.

On your feet:

9.) Gladiator sandals offer the same comfort of flip-flops but you won’t have to worry about them sliding or falling off your feet when they sweat or when getting on and off of a ride.

10.) Sneakers are comfortable but can sometimes cause your feet to become hot & sweaty, try a mesh flat or comfortable canvas slip–on sneaker that is not as bulky.

What to Wear:

A common look at amusement parks is denim shorts and a sleeveless tank, but denim can sometimes be unbearable in the heat, especially if wet. If you’re curvy, finding the right shorts is important in helping you flatter your body in all the right places as well as preventing your thighs from rubbing which can be really annoying and painful. Below are some easy styles you may have not considered.

11.) Rompers – The results are in and many full figured women are impressed with the comfort and style of this hot summer look! For superior comfort, choose one that is made of breathable fabric. You can also keep most swimsuits on underneath. K-mart’s LYS Collection carries rompers with front pockets in sizes 18-26.

12.)Khaki Shorts or Tights w/a Shark-Hem Tank – A nice alternative to denim shorts are khaki ones but if your want real comfort try above-the knee tights. Tights are breathable and excellent for walking around all day in because they are fitted to your body and don’t ride up as easily. Flatter your curves by wearing a long sleeveless Shark-hem tank that covers you in all the places you want covered.

13.)Sundress/Maxi Dresses – Some are actually swimsuit cover-ups believe it or not and most of these dresses are made of thin material so that means they will air-dry quickly. Long or short, the choice is yours. The look is feminine, stylish and effortless.

14.)At Night – You may want to bring a shrug or extra clothes to put inside of your locker when the sun goes down and it gets a little cooler so you can enjoy the rest of the night.

15.)Stay hydrated and if you are on any medication, don’t forget to bring this with you as you will be gone all day and may need it as the day goes by. It is easy for some us to forget this when out having a good time with friends and family.

Being prepared in advance helps to ensure you’ll be ready to have a great time while still looking and feeling fabulous!

Peace & Love 

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