How To Beat The Post Travel Blues

You just had a fabulous holiday in the destination of your choice, yet you are feeling cranky, irritated and feeling glum. Why you ask yourself? Simple you are encountering post-travel blues! It is nothing to worry about as it is a feeling that every seasoned or non-seasoned traveller suffers after a fantastic holiday. The only difference is that an experienced traveller knows the symptoms and applies the remedies with an ease so here are those remedies that even you can apply and do away with your post travel blues.

Be positive

Sounds foolish? But it is not! Let your mind wander and see where it takes you. Dream about enjoying a cup of coffee in the open air restaurants in Paris or taking a boat trip in Venice, or you can dream about enjoying the opera at the Sydney Opera House. For the time being let your imagination run wild and think about all those fancy places you would love to go and don’t worry about the budget as budget planning comes when you are actually going on a holiday. But for the time being enjoy the fruits of your untamed imagination.

Start saving

Start saving for your next holiday from the day you return from your current holiday. It does not have to be a big amount as small change of Rs 2 or Rs 5 saved everyday will make you feel that you are taking some substantial step towards your next holiday.

A stranger in your own town

Alright! So you think that you know your town pretty well! Well think again! Chances are that you might not know all the lanes and the by-lanes of your town, so be a stranger in your town and explore those lanes and by-lanes. Speak with strangers, share their views and make friends for life as you become a tourist in your own town. Take pictures of the places you would normally have taken for granted and you will surely feel better and ready to face the world.

Share the passion

You know you had a great time while holidaying at your favourite destination and you are dying to share it with someone who is equally passionate about both travel and the destination. Log onto the internet and search for the community of the like-minded people and share your views about the place. Talk about your experiences and if you think that there is something that these people should know then share it with them and you will feel much better plus you will get an idea for your next holiday.

Be creative

Be creative with your photographs, video films and your other memories! Depending upon your creative skills you can either make a slide show of all the photographs or make a scrapbook of all your pictures or write a travel blog and then show your creative skills to your friends and family and be proud of it!

With these few remedies we hope that you will able to beat your post-travel blues and be ready to plan for your next holiday or savour the happy moments of the fabulous holiday you just had with your family.

About the Author:

Swati Nitin Gupta is an India based journalist with ten years of extensive experience in reporting, editing, as well as features writing. Currently a contributing writer at Home Review (Indian edition) magazine, Media Transasia, EzineArticles, and Associated Content.

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