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Will Disney Ever Feature A Plus Size Princess?


Will Disney Ever Feature A Plus Size Princess?

Will Disney Ever Feature A Plus Size Princess?: Growing up in the 80’s it was hard enough to find Black dolls that looked like me so finding a plus size doll was the furthest thing from my mind. Although I was pleasantly plump as a child, there wasn’t any emphasis placed on my size (at least not in my household). Fast forward 25 years and every media outlet are addressing size acceptance in one way or another.

From modeling, clothing and even collectible dolls, attention has been placed on plus size women like never before. When the picture of a curvy Disney princess began to surface on Facebook I didn’t pay it much attention. I wrote it off as another image used to empower plus size women but I kept on seeing it so I decided to dig a little deeper.

Initially, I found an article from 2011 that stated that Disney were going to make their next princess curvier than past princesses, but I didn’t see any information to support that claim. After doing a little research I found this petition, “Make Disney’s Next Princess Plus Size.”  It was started about 5 months ago by Taylor Jones on The expired petition reads:

If you grew up in the ’90’s, you saw the pretty, perfect, porceline Disney Princesses, and in the back of our mind’s, we wanted to be pretty like them, skinny like them, rich as them, or in love as them. Sadly, it’s messed with our heads. By society’s standards, a size 5 is a plus-size… is unacceptable. We need to change this!! So sign this petition to make the next Disney Princess the size of an AVERAGE American Teenager!

If the idea of a plus size Disney princess originated with Taylor, then I applaud her for trying to make a difference by asking Disney to show women and young girls that princesses come in all shapes and sizes. Call me crazy, but I’m extremely optimistic about this for a couple of reasons. Not only is the artwork amazing and believable, but it would be in the best interest of Disney to shake things up a bit and help change the world’s perception of beauty. Remember when Disney released its first animated feature starring a black princess, The Princess and the Frog? That was major and a plus size princess would definitely be well received.

If Disney did feature a plus size princess, what should they name her?

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