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She’s Plus Sized!? (The Great Plus Sized Debate)


She’s Plus Sized!? (The Great Plus Sized Debate)

She’s Plus Sized!? (The Great Plus Sized Debate): I am inspired when I see women of all different shapes and sizes rocking something fierce! It is true that “fashion has no size” but now I am noticing more than ever that there is a great debate going on. So what constitutes being plus sized? Some would say plus sizes begin at size 12 others say 14, but for me it is when you have to buy plus sized clothing to fit your frame. Even though we are seeing more and more curvy models featured online and in store ADS, we still know that the fashion world loves to use smaller models and has used models with sizes ranging from as small as 6-10 to represent the curvy customer; these women do not have to shop in the plus department nor are they plus sized. This is one of the reasons I think that the great debate about what is plus sized has begun.

Plus sized models: Laura Wells & Chenese Lewis

In modeling one thing to keep in mind is that there are still requirements that models must meet depending on the type of modeling work. We can’t always assume that because a model is not as curvy as another model that she is not plus sized or does not represent the curvy customer. We must also not assume being plus sized means being unhealthy. Too many times I have seen a photo of a plus model posted on a social networking site then soon after, I see what I like to call ‘the great debate’ come up. These are usually comments like, the following:

  • This model is not plus sized!
  • “Is she plus sized?”
  • “What size is this model?”
  • This model is obese!
  • This model is too skinny!
  • This model is a real sized model she looks healthy, not plus…and so on and so on.

This should not be so! We must continue to keep in mind that we come in all shapes and sizes, all beautiful and all deserving to wear something that makes us feel like phenomonal women. So the next time you see a photo of a full figured woman posted up on a social networking site, look out for the ‘great debate’ and don’t feel like you have to fit into a box to be beautiful or healthy because inspiration has no size!

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