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Robyn Lawley Is A Plus Size Model But Boux Avenue Is Not A Plus Size Brand


Robyn Lawley Is A Plus Size Model But Boux Avenue Is Not A Plus Size Brand

Boux Avenue, Making Robyn Lawley Your New Face Doesn’t Make You A Plus Size Brand: Australian plus size model Robyn Lawley is making headlines for becoming the new face of UK lingerie brand Boux Avenue. Enlisting Lawley as the face of their new fall collection was a smart move by the brand.

However, in the midst of my happiness, it occurred to me, Boux Avenue isn’t “really” a plus size lingerie brand.  Robyn Lawley is definitely a plus size model but technically, Boux Avenue don’t cater to all plus size women. Although their bras go up to a 40 H, the letter is not what I’m worried about, the number is the issue for many plus size women (at least it is for me).

I just went shopping for bras yesterday (shout out to Tina Marie in Southfield, Michigan) and based on my new measurements, Boux Avenue does not carry my size. Although I am on the bustier end of the spectrum, catering to plus size women is more than just offering a larger cup size. The cup (the letter) is based on the difference in inches from the fullest part of the breast but the number is based on the measurement of the fullest part of the breast which makes this number very important.  Wearing a bra with the wrong breast measurement can result in a great amount of pain.  According to Lane Bryant’s size chart, a woman with a 40 inch bust would be considered a size 14, which I am not.

Let’s see how Boux Avenue measures up against other plus size lingerie brands.

  • Fullbeauty– bras come in a range of sizes from 30A to 58N
  • Lane Bryant– bras come in a range of sizes from 36C to 50DDD
  • Hips & Curves– bras come in a range of sizes from 36C to 50FF

Boux Avenue may carry larger cup sizes than Lane Bryant and Hips & Curves but just like all plus size women don’t have large breasts, all large breasts aren’t attached to plus size women so it is possible for a woman wearing a size 12, 10 or even 8 to wear an H cup.

As you can see, compared to other plus size brands, Boux Avenue is playing games.  I applaud them for publicly embracing plus size women by making Robyn Lawley the face of their brand but I suggest that they capitalize on their newfound attention and embrace ALL plus size women by increasing their range of sizes.

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