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Plus Size Mannequins With Accurate Proportions


Plus Size Mannequins With Accurate Proportions

Plus Size Mannequins With Accurate Proportions: The fact that over 60% of women in the US are considered plus size should be an eye opening statistic for retailers, designers and department stores. Yet, most plus size women feel that stores don’t offer the same options that are available to those that aren’t considered plus size.

Alvanon Inc. is attempting to change that.

To better serve fashion designers and retailers searching for ways to cater to the needs of plus size women, Alvanon Inc. has created a new mannequin that accurately represent the shape, posture and balance of plus size customers.

Alvanon, Inc., which is known throughout the fashion industry as “The Fit Expert,” offers the Global Plus Women’s Series in sizes that are equivalent to US sizes 16 – 24, UK sizes 20-28 and EU sizes 46 – 54. The wide range of sizes permits users to select the best core or sample size fit form and then validate fit across their apparel line’s range of sizes . They are available in full, half and slack forms and come as either fiberglass or soft forms.

According to Alvanon, Inc. President Ed Gribbin, the new forms address a large segment of the apparel industry that is laden with pent up demand.

“The Global Plus Series body forms, if implemented properly throughout a brand’s supply chain, will ensure improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty,” says Gribbin.

Will seeing mannequins that look like you enhance your shopping experience?
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