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Be Limitless and Keep On Pushing


Be Limitless and Keep On Pushing

Be Limitless and Keep On Pushing: There are so many distractions around us. It is no wonder why at times it is hard to get focused. Lending time to one thing sometimes takes away fom another and sometimes trying to fit everything into one day is like racing agaist the clock.

There are so many ideas, visions, desires and and the motivation is there but sometimes the time restraints choke the dreams in their infancy. One thing to remember is to keep on pushing. Yes the time is ticking but that is something that will never change; from the beginning of our lives the time has always been ticking but we are destined for more than we could ever imagine.

Impacting another’s life for that persons good seems to be one of the most selfless acts that you could do while walking on this path called life but there is also so much more to offer and give…you have gifts that in their own way when used, will heal yourself even first. It is time to stop the clock that is ticking in your mind, pause take life all in and allow your thoughts to flow freely, create and experience your rebirth!

What does the term “Be Limitless” Mean To You?
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